Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 9:00 AM MST
Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 6:00 PM MST

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Phil "The Chess Coach"
The HomeSchool Chess Club





2018 Spring Chess Semester 

"Doors Open" Sunday, February 11th.

1st Class: Monday, February 12th


Details @ a Glance:

  • Nationwide Chess Club made up of other homeschooling children!
  • Twelve Weeks of Instruction taught by a Professional Scholastic Chess Coach
  • Two 40-Minute Lessons each week! 
  • National Online Practice & Play Day each week
  • Two Scholastic-Grade, Rated Chess Tournaments every week (Optional)
  • Tactical Puzzles
  • Tournament Circuit For Parents who wish to compete against other HSCC parents! 
  • Only $89.50 per student! ($24.50 for each additional sibling)

Bring your best... It's time for CHESS!

Join Phil "The Chess Coach" (6-year professional scholastic chess coach & homeschooling parent) and the existing member-families of The HSCC  for The HomeSchool Chess Club's 2018 Spring Semester!

This 12-week virtual, online chess club will provide your child with a solid foundation on which to build and grow their skills of visualization and deductive reasoning, as they play and learn alongside dozens of other homeschooling children from across the country! Whether your student is a seasoned player or an absolute beginner, all members will enjoy the engaging and animated delivery of the LIVE weekly chess lessons. All lessons address core, fundamental concepts and tactics that your child needs to excel in this time-honored discipline. Along with the weekly scholastic chess tournaments (featuring prize incentives), your child will enjoy a uniquely authentic scholastic-grade social chess club right from the comfort of home. 

Please, join us for The HomeSchool Chess Club's 2018 Spring Semester. 

Finally, the chess club comes home! 


2018 Spring Semester Details:

The private HSCC Facebook member page opens on Sunday, February 4th.  At that time, if you aren't already a member of the private HomeSchool Chess Club facebook group page (the page on which all class lessons and communications occur), you will be invited to join the group. This will allow you to see upcoming events, as well as photos and posts of existing students and member families who are already part of the club. 

The HSCC 2018 Spring Chess Club Semester runs from Sunday, February 11th to Saturday May 5th, 2018 (02/11 - 05/05) for a total of twelve (12) weeks. Two (2) forty-minute lessons will be presented each week (9AM MST - LIVE lessons are broadcast on Monday mornings & pre-recorded video lessons are made available on Friday mornings). All lessons are archived so your child can watch & learn from them at anytime during the course of the camp! On Thursdays a 10-minute Live broadcast will relay pertinent information, refresh and build upon past concepts taught, as well as inform students of tournament standings and upcoming events. In order to participate in the HSCC you will need access to the internet and must have an active Facebook account. Twice a week (Wednesdays [1pm] & Saturdays [3pm]) scholastic-grade, rated chess tournaments are hosted by the HSCC via Chess.com. Once you've registered for the club and the club semester begins, you'll be given further instruction on tournament participation via your free Chess.com account. All students will receive virtual trophies for their tournament participation. However, the top 10% in every tournament will receive either a physical trophy, which will be mailed to them 7-10 business days after the completion of the tournament OR HSCC credit which can be used for entries into future chess tournaments.



The HSCC Spring Chess Club registration includes lessons and tournament participation rights for only 1 child ($89.50 for primary child). To register additional children for the club, please click the ADD and Additional Student (Sibling) option to register any other siblings that will be participating (an additional $24.50 per sibling).

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Phil directly at 623-330-9530.


Do you have a board and set? 

Get $5 off of this beautiful tournament-style scholastic chess set when you register for the camp!

Connectivity Disclaimer:

The HSCC will ensure that all lessons and tournaments are available and open for viewing, registration and attendance.  The HSCC will not be held responsible for connectivity issues resulting from:
  • your internet connection and its functionality.
  • your hardware (computer, tablet, cellphone, etc) and it's functionality or inability to connect to the websites that are utilized to transmit lessons and tournaments.
  • you and/or your child's mistake(s) in connecting and remaining connected to live lessons or  tournaments.

It is the responsibility of each member family to ensure that:

  • they are properly connected to the internet.
  • they are able to access the free social-media websites used to transmit all lessons and tournaments (Facebook, Chess.com, Youtube, etc.).

All registrations are final.