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Jose Gonzalez, Education Coordinator 
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Navigating Breastfeeding Support with Dr. Jack NewmanEarly Concerns In Infant Feeding and Milk Transfer


BreastfeedLA presents Navigating Breastfeeding Support with Dr. Jack Newman: Early Concerns In Infant Feeding and Milk Transfer. This day long webinar features one of the world's leading pediatricians in the field of lactation. Dr. Newman will provide important information addressing several topics such asWhat They Didn't Teach You About Breastfeeding in Your Training addressing what physicians, lactation professionals, and others are not being told about breastfeeding in their training; When the Baby Is Not Getting Enough From The Breast addressing why babies don't gain weight and what can be done about it and Late Onset Milk Supply in which Dr. Newman addresses the reasons many lactating parents with an abundant milk supply end up after several months with an unhappy baby who is not gaining well, and how often these babies are wrongly diagnosed with reflux or an allergy to breastmilk. Dr. Newman will conclude with the very important topics of Hypoglycemia and Jaundice providing participants leading causes for these conditions and providing strategies that will incorporate how to treat while continuing to support breastfeeding. This program will help clarify and provide solutions dealing with rising concerns in infant feeding and milk transfer without undermining breastfeeding.

JACK NEWMAN, MD, FRCPCis a Toronto pediatrician who has practiced medicine since 1970. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto medical school. In 1984 he established the first hospital-based breastfeeding clinic in Canada at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. He has practiced as a physician in Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. He now holds breastfeeding clinics in several hospitals in the Toronto area. He is a consultant with UNICEF's Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and is a popular speaker at breastfeeding conferences across North America and beyond. He is the father of three children, all breastfed.


  1. Describe two key messages about the misconceptions and inaccuracies surrounding breastfeeding myths that are currently prevalent in the community; focusing on how to relate this information to patients of different backgrounds (age, ethnicity, etc.) 
  2. Illustrate why many mothers with abundant milk supplies end up after 2 or 3 months with a fussy, unhappy baby.
  3. Understand that many diagnoses are put forward for the symptoms associated with late onset decreased milk supply, but in fact are based on a lack of understanding of what is happening to the mother and baby.
  4. Outline reasons why a baby who previously gained well might start to gain poorly and construct an approach to preventing such a situation and treating this situation without undermining breastfeeding.
  5. Distinguish between drinking from the breast and sucking without drinking.
  6. Describe how to latch a baby on with the “ideal latch”.
  7. Summarize that breastfeeding does not cause babies to get tired, but rather that babies respond to milk flow.
  8. Restate the importance of the breast crawl.
  9. Correctly diagnose “late onset decreased milk supply” and make recommendations that will enable women to continue to breast feed whenever possible,  and provide resources to enable them to do this if they so wish.

Continuing Education Credits

 RN: BreastfeedLA is an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing. This course offers 7 Contact Hours of continuing education. BreastfeedLA’s provider number is CEP 16435. Licensee must maintain certificate for a period of four years.

 IBCLC: BreastfeedLA is an approved Long-Term Provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners #CLT113-36. 6 L-CERPs will be awarded.

 RD and OTs: Maintain a copy of the agenda and certificate for CPEs for Professional Development Portfolio. 

Payment Policy
Payment must be made during the time of online registration using a credit or debit card. If you need to make alternate payment arrangements such as a company check to be mailed to BreastfeedLA, you MUST pay the General Registration rate and contant Jose Gonzalez at info@breastfeedla.org. No Early Bird registration rates will apply to payments by check. This policy is in effect as of Aug 1, 2017.

Cancellation Policy
Ater the webinar a recording will be sent to all registrants to view, therefore no refunds will be granted. It is the responsibility of the participant to view the recording while it is available