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The following locations are available to access the online application. Please click on the link below or call for a full schedule of location availability.

Workforce1 Career Center
(All Locations)

Centers Hours: Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


If you are not already a Workforce1 member, register to become a member before your recruitment event visit at this web address:



Complete the Buffalo Wild Wings Online Application
Only candidates who pass the online application and assessment will get an interview with Buffalo Wild Wings. To help you complete the application successfully please review the following important information.

1. Use a personal or desk top computer. You can also visit a Workforce1 Career Center to complete the online application. (Details to the left of the screen).

2. Take Your Time: The online application takes 1 hour or more to complete. Set aside at least 1 hour  to complete the application from beginning to end to avoid running out of time.

3. Answer All The Questions Thoughtfully. Include ALL contact information including email, phone number and address. AND, Allow enough time to formulate well thought out answers to ALL questions. Application assessments test your ability and skills.

4. Remember! Online applications may be time sensitive and can time out if you stop entering information or typing for 20 minutes or more.

5. Your Work History. Have a recent copy of your resume close to help you reflect on your past work history. Fill out as much work history as they allow or as much as is on your resume.

6. Before starting the application write down the following information: Your current and previous Employer(s) Name of Supervisor, Address, and Work Phone Number (use a phone book or look up address/ business phone numbers online).

7. Be prepared! If you are prompted to complete a test during the online application, make sure you have the following items readily available: Pen, Paper, and/or a Calculator.

8. Review all entries before continuing on to a new page of the application. Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

9. You're Almost Ready to Join the Team! Please review the Hiring Process and Position Requirements below.                    


1. Complete the Buffalo Wild Wings online application. Select ANY position on the application page to start the application. You will be asked to select/fill in the position you are applying for: Cooks, Busser/Dishwasher, Bartender/Server, Manager, or Other. In the "Other" category type Delivery, Greeter, Maintenance, or Food Runner.
2.  Only candidates who pass the online application will receive an email invite to meet with Workforce1 to be screened for their position of interest. Check your email daily for your invitation.
Qualified candidates will be scheduled for an interview with a Buffalo Wild Wings Hiring Manager.  

Position Requirements: All candidates must have restaurant experience and meet specific position requirements. Click "Position Requirements" for more details.

         You're Ready to Join the Team!

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