Tuesday - May 9, 2023                4:00 to 6:00 PM EDT
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Jan Sneddon, Event Organizer





The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative invites you to join us for a four-part virtual professional learning series: Communicating About Climate Change in Our Classrooms and Communities

It's designed to help teachers and their students communicate effectively about climate change. 

The series features specific strategies and tools to help people navigate climate conversations in classrooms and communities. It also provides support for the planning and fielding of climate actions at a scale that feels right for each attendee. 

Whether it's practicing a single strategy, or using a specific tool in the classroom, or fielding a more complex place-based project in the community, it's all good!

WHAT & WHEN:                                                                 

Anyone who registers for the Full 4-Part Series, even if they do so after November 1st, will receive products from Sessions 1 and 2, including a list of relevant resources and recordings of the Session presentations.

Session 1: This session was conducted on October 11, 2022. We heard about the clear and present danger of climate change from Dr. Jonathan Overpeck, an interdisciplinary climate scientist at the University of Michigan. We then considered why communication about climate change is so important to our future and learned about several climate communication tools and strategies. 

Session 2: This session was held on November 1, 2022. We watched video examples of communication strategies in climate action projects, engaged in Q&A with a panel of climate-change practitioners, and learned about a planning process for a place-based action or project about climate change.  

Session 3: This session was held on December 6, 2022. We engaged with climate experts whose knowledge enhanced the development of our developing actions and projects. We worked on those ideas with our peers, receiving feedback and support to carry us forward toward Session 4.

Session 4 (May 9, 2023. 4-6 PM): We'll celebrate the work on climate change that educators and learners accomplished during the 2022-23 school year! We'll explore a virtual gallery of projects and gain inspiration to continue our efforts to improve student learning, community awareness, and our environment. 


WHO: This virtual learning series is for K-12 educators and administrators, non-formal educators, university students and student teachers, community organizations, and anyone interested in learning how to communicate more effectively about climate change.

2 SCECHs are available for Session 3 participation. 

Cancellation/Refund Policy
If a registrant is unable to attend an event for any reason they may substitute, by arrangement with the event organizer, someone else to attend in their place.

Refund requests be will considered for cases of documented medical issues and must be made within 14 days following a single session or the full series.

Because the GLSI cannot recover certain fees associated with registration (e.g., PayPal transaction fees), any refund will be reduced by the amount of any such fees, as applicable.

Event Pricing

Full 4-Part Series - $50.00, providing access to content of all four sessions, regardless of date purchased.

Full 4-Part Series Student Teacher/College Student Rate - $25.00 providing access to content of all four sessions, regardless of date purchased.

Single Session Only - $25.00

Fourth Session Only (May 6, 2023) - FREE!

**Event registration status is not fully confirmed until payment is received.