Sunday February 18, 2018 at 9:00 AM CST
Sunday February 18, 2018 at 4:30 PM CST

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Meadowsweet Ranch
8118 Wilmot Road
(actually at the end of Sundial Lane)
Spring Grove, IL 60081



Kathy Boettcher
Meadowsweet Ranch
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For the Good of Our Horses

This event is for horse owners, those thinking about becoming a horse owner, and horse lovers.  We have two presenters that will share a wealth of knowledge and expertise with you and your friends.


9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


(includes 3 drinks; snacks & lunch)




Sherry LaMarche 

Sherry has been rehabiitating horses for 24 years.  Once rehabiitated she provides them with a nutrition program to help them maintain their good health for the long term.  

Our horses are hit daily with all the environmental toxins that humans are and horses are now developing issues that were uncommon 30+ years ago.

Sherry is going to share her routine for success in maintaining the long term good health of the horses in her care.


Trish Rogatzki

Body Awareness/Posture

The purpose of this topic is to increase your safety, longevity, and comfort in the saddle and improve the same for your horse.

  • We will focus on improving your awareness of your own body, and finding imbalances or “stuck” places that need release. 
  • You will learn and practice tools to help you realign your body, reduce pain, and improve flexibility.            
  • You will understand how your posture impacts your body and that of your horse.
  • You will learn the importance of neutral pelvis and how to find it.
  • You will have FUN!

A variety of exercises will be used.  You will have a chance to compare “before” and “after”.

Materials: Please bring a yoga/exercise mat/sleeping bag/blanket that you will lie on, on the floor.  Also bring a stack of magazines about 5 inches high.  No books or thick publications.  Dress comfortably in stretchy or loose clothing.

About Trish Rogatzki:

  • Training with Peggy Cummings and Connected Riding Instructors for the past 11 years
  • Trained in Equine Touch through Level 4
  • Trained through Reiki 3
  • AA degree from Lakeshore Technical College in Equine Management
  • 29 years experience training horses and riders

Neutral posture is important for everyone,

 so feel free to invite/register a non-riding friend.

We always appreciate when you share with your friends.