Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 9:00 AM CDT
Sunday, September 15, 2019 at5:00 PM CDT

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Meadowsweet Ranch 
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Spring Grove, IL  60081

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Kathy Boettcher 
Meadowsweet Ranch 




(the only Straightness Training Instructor in the U.S.)

Saturday, September 14 - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Sunday, September 15 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

For people that want to do the best by their horses - -

This clinic is for EVERY horse and rider.

Straightness Training is a series of progressive exercises to gently gymnasticize horses in order to improve their balance, suppleness and strength to set them up to carry the added weight of a rider in a sustainable way. It can be used as add-on training for any riding discipline, is suitable for all horse breeds, and can be taught to riders and horses of all skill levels.

After extensive study of the grandmasters of the art of riding, whose teachings form the very foundation of modern dressage, Marijke de Jong of the Netherlands founded Straightness Training with a mission of spreading this classical way of training to riders and horses all over the globe. Her method helps balance horses not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually, while greatly improving the bond between horse and rider.

There are five training elements, called "pillars:"

  • Groundwork
  • Longeing
  • Work in Hand
  • Riding
  • Liberty

My story:

I was introduced to Straightness by a couple of friends I had made while involved with Connected Riding after adopting a 10 year old Arab mare that had about 30 rides on her at some point in her life.  She is very sensitive, and was very prone to some seat unsettling spooking.  I was attracted to the five pillars and when looking at the program on-line was amazed by the detail provided.  Not like any other on-line program I have looked at.

Since starting my Straightness Training journey, for the amount of time I have been able to devote to Tequila, she has improved physically, mentally and our connection and bond have deepened.

I was able to do one of Dora's workshops last year and feel any one with a horse can benefit from this workshop.  Attending the workshop was extremely beneficial to Tequila and I and I believe it will be for you and your horse as well. 

Please do not let the above reference to Dressage deter you.  My favorite time on a horse's back is out on trail.  However, I believe in the "dressage" foundation of teaching the horse, and developing the horse's body properly to carry the weight of a rider for their long term health and well-being.

Instructor Profile:  Dora Hebrock   

Austrian-born Certified Straightness Training Instructor Dora Hebrock began her horse career as a teenager, tending horses and ponies on a farm in the Italian countryside.

She later studied equine management at the Austrian Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Tullnerbach while obtaining her licenses in dressage, jumping, and driving, as well as her instructor’s license in vaulting.

During research for her graduation thesis on the natural asymmetry of the horse, Dora discovered Marijke de Jong’s Straightness Training program, and began her studies with Marijke in 2013 while simultaneously undertaking the pursuit of becoming a Certified Natural Hoof Care Professional through Liberated Horsemanship.

In 2016, she married a fellow Hoof Care Professional, moved to the USA, and qualified for training to become a Straightness Training Instructor. In 2017, she completed her certifications as both a Certified Natural Hoof Care Professional and Straightness Training Instructor, and is now one of only 17 ST Instructors worldwide. Since 2018, Dora teaches Straightness Training throughout the USA, Canada, and Austria.

To find out more about Straightness Training, please visit the official website:
and watch

More info about the instructor Dora Hebrock can be found here:



Participant:  $475.00

(6 PARTICIPANT LIMIT - receiving one-on-one instruction - Price includes lunch both days.)

A $75.00 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot.  Final payment due August 10, 2019.  Just mark - Paying by check when you register.

Intro to Straightness Training

$25 for Saturday morning

(for those, that after looking at the information links provided above, are still not certain about commiting to the weekend) 

Auditor:  $55.00/day

(Price includes lunch both days.)


Overnight stabling: $30/night

Daytime stabling: $20/day

You provide feed, buckets

We provide bedding, stall cleaning

Use of Meadowsweet Ranch Lesson Horse: $30/day

           MONDAY, September 16

Private 50 minutes lessons with Dora