Saturday, Jan 12, 2018 at 9:00 AM CDT
Sunday Jan 13, 2018 at 4:00 PM CDT

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Squaw Creek-Avalon Golf and Country Club 
761 Youngstown-Kingsville Road SE
Vienna, OH 44473



Fred Van Liew/Waterdoc Enterprises/Deb Hull 
WaterDoc Enterprises/Youngevity 


Fred Van Liew & Deb Hull Present:

SPECIAL ERCS/eDNA Trauma Elimination Training Workshop

The Most Affordable Skill Training In The Healing Arts! Lay People and Professionals Alike!

Jan 12-13 ERCS/eDNA Expanded Seminar/Workshop

Bonus Sunday Afternoon Guest Corrections Free of Charge!


LEARN EFFECTIVE AND NON INVASIVE MUSCLE RESPONSE TESTING IN A CONDENSED WORKSHOP TO REMOVE PAST TRAUMA AND NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. The Purpose is To Promote and Support Improved Cellular Response To Nutrition and Healing, Potentially Achieving Expected Results in Weeks rather than months or years.

Early bird registration discounts.



Squaw Creek-Avalon Golf and Country Club 
761 Youngstown-Kingsville Road SE
Vienna, OH 44473


Prepare by reading my gift "Adrenal Exhaustion & Chronic Fatigue: How To Stop The Nightmare!" Free Download on


Plus: The Five Simple Steps To Make Optimal Health a Permanent Part of Your Life & The Life of Others! 

 Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Group Lunch & Dinner  

Sunday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Light Lunch

Meals not included in enrollment cost.

Pre-Register for just $297. instead of usual $597.

Note: A full one hour personal ERCS/eDNA Treatment from Fred is normally $220. Participants are getting TWO DAYS for under $300 and workshopping the skills to help others. 



Powerful tool saves months of recovery time and builds a clientele of ongoing product users to make permanent their immediate results.

Precise Manuals Included

Your Health First!

Immediate Results in Minutes with ERCS/eDNA. Complete Emotional and Trauma Realease & Accelerated Healing Response and Results, Every Time!

Very limited class size: 12-18 people only!

Minimum age for training is 14

Registration is needed via PayPal ASAP using the button below.

$597 training for only $297. Advance Registration! Family members $197. Full Training Workshop

 Quanta Water, Drinking Water, and 90forLife Nutrition available during entire workshop!

Some Physiology knowledge helpful, however not mandatory. 

Basic Muscle Response Testing Technique Taught

 Guaranteed Seating With Early Registration ERCS/eDNA Dallas Workshops in 2018

Eliminate Virtually All Past Traumas, Negative Emotions, Chronic Fatigue & Pain. Eliminate Migrane Pain In Minutes. Promote and Support Superior Response to Nutrition, While Promoting Superb Sleep That Night! Even Spiritual Conflicts and Interferences Are Eliminated Simply and Permanently For Those Present!

Expanded results include Depression, Suicidal Tendencies, PTSD, Local and Systemic Pain, Accident Trauma. Support & Promote Allergy Elimination by the body in minutes. Dyslexia and ADD protocol.

Learn How To Monetize and Strengthen Your Customer and Client Relationships With ERCS/eDNA Skills!

Help friends and family regain their health. Learn how to eliminate years of trauma and regain life & energy. Fred Van Liew presents the ERCS/eDNA.

Scott McKim blood pressure and avoided second hip replacement.

Testimonial-Robert Kalland

Multiple Myeloma

ERCS/eDNA Results

Emotional Release & Cellular Support, along with Emotional DNA Trauma Correction and elimination techniques are unique in the speed, depth and permanence of the resulting response by the body, and the freedom from past challenges that free the body to utilize all forms of support.




Richard Debs

  Richard Debs Is Helping Others!

TJ Learned Alot!

She overcame her headache!

Small Class Size!

The following early registration discounts are available:

Register Now To Save Hundreds 

 Just $97. Graduate Refresher rate!

(Call 214-878-2568 for Details)