Sat 11/16/13,1:00-6:00PM CST
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Hurst Conference Center 
1601 Campus Dr.
Hurst, TX 76054


Hyatt Plaza: 817-577-3003, group rate $85 for Friday and Saturday night. Must reserve by 11/9.

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Dorrie O'Brien 
ACT! for America Texas 

ACT! Texas' Beware False Prophets 

and endorsed by:

Amil Imani

Texas Eagle Forum

Dallas Eagle Forum

Boiling Point Tea Party

Concerned Women for America of Texas


 Exposť of Muslim Brotherhood's terrorist activity in interfaith dialogues in the U.S., and the preachers, pastors, and priests who enable it to succeed.

Bill Warner

 Dr. Bill Warner

Director, Center for the Study on Political Islam; CSPI’s goal is to teach the doctrine of political Islam through books; it has produced an eleven-book series on political Islam.

Dr. Warner has pubished five of his own titles featuring explanations of the Qur'an, the Sharia, and the Sunnah.  


 "My mission is to educate the world about the doctrine and history of Political Islam. I deal with facts, not opinions.  My experts are Allah and Mohammed.  Everything I say and write can be verified."--Dr. Bill Warner



David Wood

www.answeringmuslims.com; Acts 17 Apologetics

 There are more than 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, coming from a variety of ethnic and educational backgrounds. Many of these Muslims claim that there is strong evidence supporting Muhammad and the Qur’an, as well as strong evidence against Christianity.

Answering Muslims is a Christian apologetics website dedicated to responding to the questions, objections, and arguments of Muslims. The site is run by Christian debaters, lecturers, and writers who have a special interest in Islam.

Since one of the most common Muslim arguments is that Islamic morality and law would benefit Western nations, we also report relevant current events concerning the impact of Sharia on various cultures.

LOM square

Pastor Elijah Abraham

(former Muslim), by podcast, Living Oasis Ministries


Elijah was born in Middle East and grew up as a Muslim. He fled Middle East as a teenager and lived in Europe for several years. Due to persecution in Europe and its Muslim spies, Elijah fled to the United States in the mid-1980s. He obtained a degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has been educating his audiences in churches and civic groups on Islam and the Islamist threat since the Twin Towers and Pentagon terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001

Elijah believes that Islam in the U.S. has mutated into a Westernized religion that is aggressively and successfully converting Americans to its beliefs. “I am compelled by the Lord to expose Islam as a religion/ideology that embraces an antichrist spirit. As Christians we must look at Islam as an aggressive ideology, but we must also look at the Muslims within Islam as our mission field. He is helping evangelical congregations participate in God’s work around the world by encouraging them to be pro-active in missions.

Julie Aftab

Pakistani Christian

If you have a PJTV subscription, here’s an interview with Allen West:


If not: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/11/julie-aftab-woman-feels-closer-to-god-after-acid-attack_n_1665112.html

When Julie Aftab was 16 years old, a man walked into the office in Pakistan where she worked, and asked if she was Christian. When she told him she was, the man sprayed her in the face with battery acid, then grabbed her by the hair, and forced it down her throat -- burning her esophagus. Aftab suffered bone-deep burns on her chest, arms, and much of the right side of her face. Now, 11 years and 31 surgeries later, Julie has found a new life in Texas. Come hear her tell us how she has prospered and overcome the horror of her experience. She is an example to all of us on how to live, and not just on the Muslim-can-be-savages level.

Kamal Saleem

Kamal Saleem

(former Islamic terrorist), Koome Ministries, author: The Blood of the Lambs


Kamal was born into the terrorist world. He ran important terror operations as a young man. He fought with the Afghan Mujahadeen for victory against the Soviets, before he and his patrons turned their attention to the destruction of the West – and Western freedoms – through Islamization, for jihadic death to America. After mastering every form of offensive and defensive terror tactic, Saleem slipped into Europe and then the United States to make Islamic converts -- and to radicalize them, along with assimilated Muslims, into vicious intolerance. He aimed to glorify Allah through “hot war” terror cells as well as the “cold war” tactics of demographic and cultural jihad – ironically exploiting First Amendment liberties to gut American freedoms of religion, speech, and the press.

After a near-fatal auto accident, Saleem was rescued by devout Christians, he defected Islam. He became an “apostate,” marked for death; there is no safe exit from Islam – especially for a high-ranking operative of the Muslim Brotherhood, PLO and international Islamist terror.

Today he seeks to warn Israeli and American leaders and citizens against the siren song of a Palestinian “Two-State Solution.” He also argues for U.S. fortitude regarding Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, where nuclear capabilities are within reach of Holocaust-denying – yet Holocaust-approving – Islamo-fascists.

 A passionate communicator, Saleem has shared his knowledge of Islamist tactics and conquest plans with audiences at Berkeley, Michigan, and in the Ivy League; in synagogues, mega-churches, foundations, and the United Jewish Appeal (Aspen); on major U.S. media and talk shows; and with U.S. military leaders, security agents, the U.S. Air Force Academy, private contractors, and law enforcement specialists.

Mark Christian

Dr. Mark Christian

(former Muslim imam in-training), Global Faith Institute 


An Egyptian by birth and an obstetrician/gynecologist by profession, Dr. Mark Christian – destined to become a Sunni religious leader – diverted destiny, ditched Islam, and eventually became devoted to the Christian faith.

Groomed from boyhood to become an influential leader of the Muslim faith, Mark was afforded unparalleled exposure to the ideology and objectives of radical Islam, and the stringent creed of Sharia law.  This exposure was gained through his experiences as the constant companion and confidante of his father, a wealthy doctor, devout Imam, and persuasive advisor for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – and through his uncle, who, during the massive imprisonment of the Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt in 1965, shared a cell with Sayyid Qutb, the revered and infamous ideologue for the Brotherhood’s movement.

As Dr. Christian began intensive study and preparation to become an Islamic religious leader, he began seeking answers regarding the fundamental tenets of Islam, which ultimately led to Dr. Christian’s conversion to Christianity in March, 2003, a conversion which ignited a murderous hatred from Dr. Christian’s own father.

Coming to America in 2005, he became aware of the shocking degree of Islamic infiltration and their prolific agenda in the United States. Recognizing the urgency of this grim threat to cherished American freedoms, Dr. Christian responded through his formation and leadership of Global Faith Institute. Dr. Mark Christian has a heart to not merely awaken and educate a sleeping American public to the actuality of Islamic intention in this country, but to reveal to a growing Muslim population that the peaceful, happy life they seek through Islam could eventually be destroyed by Islamic dominance.

Ryan Mauro

Ryan Mauro

The Clarion Project: DVDs: Obsession, The Third Jihad, Iranium 


He is the National Security Advisor at the Clarion Project (“Challenging Extremism / Promoting Dialogue”) and at the Christian Action Network, and is also National Security Analyst at radicalIslam.com, Chief editor of WorldThreats.com, chief editor and founder of WorldThreats.com, a national security and geopolitical analysis website. He is published weekly at Pajamas Media and FrontPage Magazine, and has appeared in the Middle East Quarterly among other publications.

He has made more than 200 broadcast media appearances, been quoted in books and stories in major news sources such as the New York Times and Reuters, and has spoken for prestigious conferences such as the Intelligence Summit. He wrote Death to America: the Unreported Battle of Iraq in 2005 and is an associate editor for GlobalPolitician.com and a US editor at the World Security Network.

Academic Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Political Science, American Military University; Bachelor’s Degree in Intelligence Studies, American Military University.

Areas of Expertise: National Security; Geopolitics; Terrorism; Middle Eastern Affairs.

Stephen Broden

Pastor Stephen Broden


Pastor Stephen Broden is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship, a non-denominational inner-city church, in Dallas, TX since ’87. Seeing the need to rescue and promote potential in the black community, Pastor Broden has been an Advocate in the Fair Park and South Dallas areas for economic opportunity, quality education, and respect for life since ’83.

He is the President of the Fair Park Friendship Center, a community-centered gathering place for groups such as the Boy Scouts and the Girl’s Club, and a community resource center offering hands-on assistance to surrounding area families. He is also the founder of Ebony Berean, an organization with a mission to inform African-American Pastors of the “Culture Wars.”  Pastor Broden is a multi-faceted leader with a career in business, years as a newscaster and radio broadcaster, and a former adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University.

Recently, he ran for U.S. Congress in the Texas 30th Congressional District in 2010. He felt compelled to run because of a deep concern over the direction our country is taking – away from the Constitutional principles which made this nation great, and rapidly toward Western European socialism – which will make us weaker, less prosperous, less safe, and less free. 



and, possibly:


                             Pastor/Ret. Lt. General Jerry Boykin                             Kingdom Warriors Ministries

(will be in the area, and we hope he can find the time drop in and share some time with us.)


Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin was commissioned into the United States Army in 1971 as an infantry officer. In 1978 he was selected as one of the original members of the Army’s elite Special Operations unit, Delta Force. General Boykin served in Delta Force for 13 years and participated in nearly every high-profile counter-terrorism operation during that period. General Boykin was later chosen as the commanding officer for Delta Force, and eventually selected to lead the Army’s Special Forces Command.

General Boykin retired from the Army in 2007 and founded Kingdom Warriors, a ministry designed to encourage Christians to “put on the whole armor of God” and fight for their faith. There is a spiritual war being waged, but many Christians are not engaged in the battle. General Boykin and the Kingdom Warriors ministry are making certain that Christians are not indifferent or apathetic, but are actively engaged in fighting for the Kingdom of God.

                                   Organizer: Dorrie O'Brien                                        Co-Director, State of TX, ACT! for America.

From Amazon.com for author description on her book 500+ Islamic Words You Should Know: Dorrie O Brien is a graduate of the Strategic Engagement Group for the Study of Islamic Doctrine in Washington, DC, and a national mentor and Co-Director for the State of Texas for ACT! for America. She teaches Islam to many school, civic, and church groups. She was the first person in America to get an anti-Sharia (pro-American Law for American Courts) plank in a Republican platform, in 2010. She is a Republican grassroots activist, a former book publisher, and is a freelance book editor.





Coming soon: Some of the names, photos, and bios of the Christian pastors, priests, reverends, etc., who are aiding and abetting ISNA in its efforts to hide the truth in Islam.