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When is it?

Dates and times: October 2023

Session 1: Tuesday 10th Octoober 7pm-9.00 pm via Zoom.

Sessions 2-4: Tuesdays 17th October, 24th October and 31st October 7.00pm-8.00 pm via Zoom.

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This is an online event. 
Delivered Remotely via Zoom (the same Zoom link will be used for all the workshops and additional sessions).

Helping your Teenager Live Life to the Full

Workshop and live sessions for parents and guardians of teenagers.

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Wellbeing Training Series 

Are you a parent or guardian of a teenager? Do you want to both understand the challenges they face, and learn skills you can use to help them make helpful changes in life?

Introducing: Helping your Teenager Live Life to the Full

At Living Life to the Full, we understand that your child's wellbeing is your top priority. That's why we're excited to offer parents/carers/guardians our newest programme, designed to equip your teenage child with the essential life skills they need to thrive. 

Nearly 1 in 3 young people struggle with low mood and stress. Living life to the full (LLTTFTM) is an evidence-based and award-winning life skills programme that is offered in the UK, Ireland, North America and Asia.

Delivered as a class-based workshop for a maximum of 24 attendees, we will provide you with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) - based teaching and tools you can use to help your child learn how to overcome challenges, manage stress, and give your child the gift of resilience.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your child's future. Sign up for our program today and help give your child the tools they need to live life more fully!

The course:

1.   A two hour live online workshop

The session covers how you can help your child:

  • Understand their feelings.
  • Choose activities that make them feel better.
  • Respond differently to worries and learn how to manage upsetting thoughts more helpfully.
  • Use a practical relaxation/mindfulness approach to settle their mind and body.

2. PLUS 3 additional live online life skills training sessions – each lasting an hour to help you discover additional worksheet tools to use with your child.

Topics covered: Building assertion, Cope better with irritability and anger, face fears and build confidence and more … + Q+A: Submit your anonymised questions in advance.

NB: This course does not provide personal counselling, advice or treatment. It is an educational event teaching skills that can be widely useful for young people and their parents/guardians and which address many of the life challenges we can all face from time to time.

Discounts and offers:

1. Want to come with a spouse, partner or co-carer? A second place is available at just £50 - a massive £100 saving if booked at the early bird rate, or £125 saving if booked from the 1st October 

2. Optional purchase: buy a printed copy of the Living life to the full book for young people - Covering many of the key topics included in the course 

Course leaders: led by Professor Chris Williams, Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry University of Glasgow. Professor Williams has twice been President of BABCP - the lead body for CBT in the UK, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Honorary Fellow of BABCP. He is Director of Five Areas Ltd and principal author of the Living life to the Full resources.

3. PLUS Access to additional web resources and modules for 12 months covering: 

Understanding your child’s feelings, Planning effective change, Practical problem solving, Noticing and Changing unhelpful thoughts, Relaxation skills using tension control training, Doing things that make you feel better, Facing fears and tackling avoidance, Building inner confidence, Asking for what you need, Overcoming irritability and anger, Helping your child get a better nights sleep, The things your child does that helps, Reducing unhelpful behaviours and more.

When is it?

Session 1: Tuesday 10th October 7pm-9.00 pm via Zoom.

Sessions 2-4: Tuesdays 17th October, 24th October and 31st October 7.00pm-8.00 pm via Zoom.

A total of 5 hours of content plus self-directed online learning resources worth £35 +VAT and includes 12 months access to over 10 online books, training modules and worksheets.

We will send a zoom link to access the workshop and additional sessions and also a link to PDF handout for you to download and print if you wish. We will also provide a How to Get Started sheet to access the linked online course modules  - we will go over the registration process during the two hour workshop. 

Price: Introductory offer £150.00 if booked before 1/10/23. Afterwards £175.00. All prices include VAT.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Chris and Theresa and the LLTTF TEam

Are you working in health, education or social care and want to arrange this approach for parents you are working with? Contact us

NB: to access the live course and web resources you need to have a reliable web access, a means of accessing zoom (phone, computer, tablet) with audio, video (if preferred) and a microphone.

Disclaimer: The course and resources are not intended to be a direct substitute for consultative advice with a health care professional. Nor do we give any assurances of it’s effectiveness in a particular case.


See the Five Areas® Terms and Conditions for Wellbeing Resource Training Sessions below.


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Five Areas Ltd. Terms and Conditions for Wellbeing Resource Training Sessions

 These are the terms and conditions (“Terms”) for Five Areas Limited (“Five Areas”, “we”, “us”) which apply to all Wellbeing Training sessions which we run (each a “Session”). These Terms apply whether it is a class Session or 1:1 Session, whether the Session is held in person or by remote dial-in, and whether you book for a single Session or for a series or group of Sessions (which we refer to as a “Course”).

Who these Terms apply to

These Terms apply to Individual Customers and Company Customers.

You are an Individual Customer if you are booking your own Session(s) and you are a Business User if you are booking Sessions on behalf of a company, charity or other organisation.

What these Terms cover

These terms include details of the standards of behaviour we require from all attendees at our Sessions, as well as information on our cancellation policy, payment obligations and liability, so please read these carefully.


When attending a Session you must respect the presenter and all other attendees. In particular you must not:

  1. disclose any personal information about another Session attendee without their consent:
  2. behave in a way which is likely to upset, embarrass, alarm, or annoy any other Session attendee;
  3. seek to make any unsolicited contact with any Session attendee;
  4. share materials provided for any Session with any third party; 
  5. act in a manner which may impact the presenter’s ability to lead the Session; or
  6. behave in any way which the presenter may otherwise deem as unacceptable behaviour.

Failure to adhere to the above standards may result in your ejection from the Session without refund.

Failure to comply with the Standards may result in the offending attendee being barred from attending any future Sessions or in cancellation without refund of all further Sessions.



In the event you cancel a single Session or a Course of Sessions within 7 days prior to the commencement of that Session or Course of Sessions, we may retain 50% of the fee paid for the Session, or, where the Session is a class Session you may transfer your booking to another person as long as you provide us with details of such transfer in advance of the Session.

Where you cancel a Course after the first Session, no refund is payable.

Where you cancel a Course within 7 days of the first Session, we may retain 50% of the fee paid for that Course.

In the event that we cancel a single Session, we will endeavour to transfer your right to attend to a rescheduled time unless you otherwise request a full refund for that Session. In the event we cancel a part or all of Course of Sessions we will offer you alternative course dates or refund for the cancelled sessions.  

Refunds: refunds for cancelled training events are calculated as a proportion of the total course training that is cancelled by us. If additional content is included in the training package such as access to an online course, the value of this is omitted from the sums refunded.

No Guarantee

The information provided in each Session is based on the research and analysis of a recognised expert in the area of cognitive behavioural therapy self-help.

We hope you find each Session helpful, however we do not warrant or guarantee that any particular outcome or improvement will be achieved for any attendee. The course and resources is not intended to be a direct substitute for consultative advice with a health care professional. Nor do we give any assurances of its effectiveness in a particular case.

To the extent permitted by law, we accept no liability for any loss or damage which arises out of, or relates to, our Sessions.

Ownership of our materials

Our sessions will involve use of attendee handout written materials in printed or pdf format which we have prepared (“Materials”).

We retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in the Materials.  We provide our Materials to you solely for your personal use in relation to the Session(s), which includes use of the Materials both during the Sessions and when you are putting into practice what you have learned after a Session or between Sessions. This includes the right to copy and/or print the Materials in connection with such personal use.  However no right to use the Materials for any commercial purpose, or any right to share the Materials with any third party, is granted under these Terms.

Business User obligations

If you are a Business User, it is your responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the ‘Standards’ section above (“Standards”) are notified to your attendees prior to them attending any Session.

In addition, please note the following:

  • Live Online training: Please ensure that all attendees can access the training from their own laptops/phone/tablet/work location/home. If we are teaching on use of an online website such as, please can you check in advance that the licensed website loads/video plays and sound can be heard, as some IT policies and firewalls can cause unexpected problems.
  • Face to face training: If your Session includes face to face delivery options, we may ask that you provide an appropriate training room that has sufficient space, ventilation, a projector with HDMI connection wire, access to a nearby power socket for our trainers laptop and screen.   We will provide you with information about the allocated trainer, and may pass your contact details to them if they need it.
  • Handouts: If appliable, we will send the training organiser a pdf Attendee handout. It is your responsibility to arrange distribution to each delegate.
  • Attendee certificate: We will supply the organiser with a template Session attendance certificates for you to complete and forward to the participants as an evidence of training for attendees.
  • Evaluations: We usually carry out a short evaluation at the end of the day for our own purposes using a link to an online evaluation. We will usually provide a collated version of the evaluation to the organiser.


The fees due for the Session(s) will be as stated when you make the booking.

For Business Users only invoices must be paid within 30 days of receipt. We may specify different payment terms at the time of the booking being made in which case those terms will apply. Please contact our office (01360 661078; email to arrange payment by invoice.



Please note that we never share copies of our Power-Point slide Materials.

We do not permit Sessions to be recorded.

We reserve the right to alter Session content from time to time.

We also do not guarantee that a particular trainer will be able to deliver any particular Session. Whilst we will endeavour to meet your needs, we reserve the right to change trainers in response to altering circumstances.


Our use of personal data will be in compliance with our privacy policy found here-