Tuesday, October 20, 2020 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM EDT
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Lena Cary 
Virginia Aviation Business Association 

Mission Debrief - Virginia Flight Information Exchange (VA FIX) 

What is VA FIX?

The VA- FIX is a platform for state and local public safety and other government agencies to publish and share safety and community advisory information with each other, with USSes, unmanned system operators, and the public to promote transparency and safety. The publicly available interface provides state and local public safety and government information, while a secure government operations platform gives government agencies the ability to publish advisory, operational, and emergency notifications. VA- FIX supports open, authoritative information sharing throughout Virginia as an authoritative SDSP. VA- FIX prepares Virginia for today and for the future, integrating with USSes and UTM solution providers that will manage unmanned systems traffic in Virginia.

The Business Need.

Virginia State and Local Government have been aggressive early adopters of UAS. As a result, they have already seen some of the challenges of UAS operations. VA- FIX was created in direct response to these needs identified at the State and Local Government level through dialogue and working groups. VA- FIX is part of Virginia's approach to address key policy and safety concerns at the state and local level while also maintaining a UAS airspace that is one of the most free and open in the nation.

Webinar Speakers

Dr. Amber Wilson, Manager of Aviation Technology for the Virginia Department of Aviation

Tracy Tynan, Director, Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at CIT

John Eberhardt, CTO and Chief Scientist of ATA, LLC

Moderated by Bud Oakey, President of the Virginia Aviation Business Association (VABA)

 For more information about our speakers and to obtain the Concept Operations Summary document please go to our website TheVABA.org