Saturday, October 14, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM MDT
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KC Taekwondo 
10490 Dransfeldt Rd.
Parker, CO 80134

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KC Taekwondo 
KC Taekwondo 

KC Championships 

The KC Championship Tournament is a fun and exciting opportunity for ALL KC students, no matter the age or rank!

We'd love to see every student attend and advance their skills through this friendly in-school tournament. 

Date: October 14, 2023
Time: 9am-afternoon
Location: KC Taekwondo

-Board Breaking
-Power Contest

Tentative Schedule:
9:00     –     Doors Open
9:30     –     Forms
10:30   –     Board Breaking
11:30   –     Demonstration
1:00     –     Power Contest
1:30     –    Sparring Begins

Enter ALL 5 Events to increase your odds of winning the GRAND CHAMPION SWORD!
Medals awarded 1-3rd place in each division.

Registration closes October 12. 

Price: $50 for the first event, + $15 per each additional event 
$100 for ALL Events!
+Add $2 per board for Board Breaking ($8 total) Additional boards can be purchased for practice ahead of the tournament for the same rate. 

If you are unable to attend, please notify us of your cancellation by October 12. A $20 office fee will be charged to any competitors who no-show without letting us know, or make changes to their registration after October 12! Quite a bit of work goes into organizing divisions and brackets, so last minute changes may impact several divisions. 

If you've never competed before, ALL events are appropriate to enter! This is a fun, friendly tournament! 



TRADITIONAL FORMS: Competitors will choose one form to perform.
Judging Criteria:
1. Accuracy of Form                  ____/10
2. Power and Intensity              ____/10
3. Technique of Maneuvers      ____/10

DEMONSTRATION: Competitors will have :30 – 1:30 to perform a creative demonstration with or without weapons. Competitors may incorporate creative forms, weapons techniques, tricks, etc. to impress the judges.
Judging Criteria:
1. Creativity of Demo                 ____/10
2. Power and Intensity              ____/10
3. Technique of Maneuvers      ____/10

BOARD BREAKING: Competitors must break 4 boards with techniques of their choice. Competitors have 3 attempts to break each board. Competitors may purchase additional boards to practice with prior to the competition.
Boards are on sale from KC for $2 per board. 
3 points possible for each board: 3 points if broken on the first attempt, 2 points on second attempt, 1 point on third attempt, 0 if not broken.
Judging Criteria:
1. Board #1   ____/3    Board #2   ____/3    Board #3   ____/3              Board #4   ____/3
2. Power and Intensity              ____/10
3. Difficulty of Techniques        ____/10

20/20 ARMOR - POWER CONTEST: Students have 3 chances to register the highest power with the KICK of their choice. Students will take their highest score.  Highest power registered by the 20/20 Power Meter wins. 1st Place = 30 pts, 2nd = 20pts, 3rd =10pts

SPARRING: Competitors will be grouped by size, belt, and weight. ALL Belts will have up to 3 rounds of 1:30 each. Three judges will be scoring points based on clear, deliberate contact to hogu or head gear. A winner of each round will be determined based on points earned minus penalties accrued (see below). The winner of the match will need to win 2 out of 3 rounds. If a competitor wins the first two rounds, the match will end and not continue to the 3rd round. 
1st Place = 30 pts, 2nd = 20pts, 3rd =10pts

Points:                                          Penalties (1 pt deduction):
Punch – 1                                     Falling           Grabbing          Holding
Kick to Hogu – 2                           Kicking below the belt      Avoiding the match
Turning Kick to Hogu – 4              Blocking with the shin
Kick to Head – 3                           Stepping out of bounds (one foot)
Turning Kick to Head – 5              Unsportsmanlike Conduct