Saturday, October 17, 2020 from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM CDT
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St. Elizabeth Catholic Church - 75th & Main 



St. Elizabeth Catholic Church 

STE Mass October 17, 2020 

In-Person Liturgies

Updates to Guidelines for the distribution and reception of Eucharist (9/18/20)

Personal Risk/Personal Responsibility - There are varying data, practices and opinions on the risks associated with engaging in communal life during this pandemic. We have done our very best to respond to this situation. At this time, our precautionary practices for attending public Mass are still very restrictive and maintain very low risk tolerance. That said, you attend at your own risk and agree to take personal responsibility for following our guidelines. If you are uncomfortable, or not ready to return to church, please remember that Bishop Johnston has dispensed the faithful from the obligation to attend Mass and we continue to livestream our Mass each week

We will continue to limit the number of people who may attend Mass in order to practice social distancing. Pre-registration and check-in will still be required. 

After reviewing the following information if you would like to attend Mass on October 17th at 4:30 pm please click on the "Register Now!" button below to reserve your spot and place your name on the list.   

Masks - Still Required. The simplest rule to follow is this: if you’re in your pew and Mass has started with the Opening Song, you may remove your mask if necessary. It is strongly encouraged that masks remain on at all times (unless you are exempt under the Mayor’s order) but you may remove it briefly.

 The Mayor’s Office does allow for exceptions to this policy, and the following are exempt from wearing masks:

            —People who have disabilities that prevent them from comfortably wearing or taking off face coverings, or which prevent them from communicating while wearing face coverings.

            —People who have respiratory conditions or breathing trouble.

            —People who have been told by a medical, legal, or behavioral health professional not to wear face coverings.

 A thought for your consideration: while the diocesan guidelines for mask wearing permit mask-free participation, public health remains a key objective. The purpose of the mask is less to protect you from infection than it is to keep you from inadvertently infecting others.


Moment / Movement

Mask Status

Parking Lot to Church Doorway

Mask Required

Moving to your Pew

Mask Required

From Opening Song to completion of Closing Song

Mask Recommended and Strongly Encouraged

Communion Process

Mask Required

Consuming the Eucharist

Mask Off

Dismissal/Leaving the Building

Mask Required

In your car / on the public sidewalk

Mask Off

As you see in the guidelines described above, during the opening song through completion of closing song, you may remove your mask if necessary.  Wearing a mask, while a sacrifice, also can be seen as an act of love. You can show your love for the other members of the assembly by keeping your mask on for the duration of the Liturgy.   

Restroom and Narthex - We are limiting movement in and out of church during Mass, but if there is a true need to move to the Narthex or church restroom, those areas are now open. But please do so only if necessary. If you do use the restroom, please observe the courtesy of cleaning the space as instructed.

Receiving EucharistWe are returning to a procession of the faithful for the reception of communion with the following modifications:

  • The front sections, west and east will be served by Fr. Greg. Both back sections will be served by an extraordinary minister. Procession begins when they are in place.
  • The front west (near the baptismal font) and the back east (near the statues) will go first.
  • After these two sections are served, Fr. Greg/minister will move to the other sections.
  • The far east short set of pews will follow the last row of the front east section and file out from back to front (an usher will help guide the procession).
  • Proceed out of your pew to the center aisle, with your mask on, row by row, maintaining social distance, and staying close to pews.
  • Receive communion in your hand, proceed to corner area, pause to lift your mask, and consume the host.
  • Return to your pew with your mask on.

Please note: to minimize the need for Fr. Greg and the extraordinary minister to sanitize their hands during our reception of the Eucharist, and to honor responsible mask practice, it is strongly advised that you (only) receive Eucharist in your hand.

 Continuation of other restrictions:

  • All enter church after check-in thru west doors 
  • You must remain in the pew in which you are seated  
  • Everyone must use one of the three sets of 75th St. doors to exit
  • Maintain at least 6’ social distance, even in masks