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Mulongo, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mulongo is in area number 6, the Katanga Province. 


Personal costs are ~$4000.  A $200 down payment is required for your application to be considered.

The material costs (project) for this mission team will run $10,000. The Mission Discovery Committee and the Indiana Conference have pledged some funds for this. If team members can get pledges from their congregations to meet this figure, it would be helpful.

If you have not travelled internationally a lot, you will also have to invest in a number of shots and a passport in order to go on this mission. (~$600). Those costs are not included in the $4000.

Once accepted, you will be invited to register on revGO - an online giving site for young adults in the United Methodist Church as they prepare to serve in different missions.  Get your family, friends and churches to donate online for your funding! 

A schedule of dates for payments due will also be sent to you once the team is set.

There will be a mandatory orientation weekend sometime in April/May for all team members.  This cost is not included.

Team Leaders

Rev. Bob Walters has agreed to lead this team. Bob is from the Indiana Conference and serves as the Director of Connectional Ministries for the North Katanga Episcopal Area.  He has been in and served in the Mulongo area of the North Katanga province many times and his contacts and expertise will help guide the success of this mission.

Helene Foust is the Indiana Conference Associate Director of Student Ministry, Phone: 317-924-1321.  She is also the Indiana Representative on the General Board of DIscipleship Young People's Initiative.  She is excited about this unique life changing opportunity! 


Friendly Planet Missiology (FPM)

From their website: a group of missiologists encouraging and equipping community leadership.

Congolese leaders: Nurse Mary Kabamba and District Superintendent and FPM Country Director, Joseph Mulongo.

FPM Website

FPM Facebook page

FPM Blogspot


 Indiana Annual Conference


Mission Discovery - Core Values

Helping youth/young adults grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ in order to Discover God’s purpose for their lives.

Engage in cross-cultural mission experiences.

Share in Christian community through work, worship, study and play.

Experience the global United Methodist Church in action.

Nurture leadership potential.

Our Mission Statement: To bring youth/young adults to settings for cross-cultural and spiritual experiences.

Mission Discovery - Our Vision

Is to undergird opportunities to “Send Me” to where faith encounters the world - locally, nationally and internationally.


Lorna Jost 
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Mission Discovery to N. Katanga Conference -Democratic Republic of Congo 

Katanga is a Province of the DRC and also a UMC Conference

Mulongo, DRC is straight north of Lubumbashi and slightly northeast of Kamina, perhaps halfway between Malemba and Kamola on the map below.  Since this community is in the northern section of the Katanga Province you will often hear about the North Katanga Conference.


 Targetting Young Adults

This mission is for young adults, ages 18-30. You must be physically and spiritually fit. The mission will require at least 2 weeks in July 2014. Participants will go deeper into Africa than they can imagine. It will be beyond the mission of a lifetime!

Aproximate Costs and Team leaders are listed to the left.

Participants will be responsible for raising their personal funding, project funding and for attending a mandatory orientation weekend, sometime in March or April, 2014.

 The Mission Project

We (Friendly Planet Missiology) think we have the perfect UMVIM mission project. We met with the Mulongo District Lay Leaders team. One of their generative themes is women's literacy. They are creating a foyer (women's school) to teach women to read through Bible study and general home economics classes, including health, child care, nutrition, sewing, etc. 

The local United Methodist Women have made and fired 20,000 bricks for the project, but they are now stuck. They lack the cash for cement and roofing to go ahead with construction. They also are unwilling to put this project in front of the church construction that is going forward. 

We've suggested that an UMVIM team come and help the community focus on this project. FPM will train the team and equip them with the community development tools they will need. The goal is to help the community move from stuck to completed project. The UMVIM team will also need to raise the money for cement and roofing (about $10,000, is needed). This team is requested to raise at least $5000, more if possible. 

We are planning a road/river route that would be quite the adventure for the UMVIM team. That would also give us time for their training.

 Mission Discovery and Friendly Planet Missiology

This mission is a partnership of Friendly Planet Missiology - a mission project of the Indiana Conference and Mission Discovery - a program of United Methodist Volunteers In Mission for the North Central Jurisdiction.

"In every village the issue of women's literacy comes in on top, even trumping safe water and malaria. We are convinced the community has this right. Work with the community on women's literacy and they will solve the other problems. We want this project to succeed and we are offering it to UMVIM and the Mission Discovery program. It is more than you thought you could bite off, but I know that it will change the landscape in North Katanga."  Bob Walters

Visit Taylor Denyer Walters Blog page for up close information and views of missiology and our place as servants to others.  http://friendlyplanetnews.blogspot.com/


 Indiana Conference

Friendly Planet Missiology is a mission project of the Indiana Conference.  Rev. Bob Walters is the Director of Connectional Ministry for the Katanga Conference.  His daughter, Rev. Taylor Walters Denyer is an elder in the North Katanga Conference.

By filling out the following short form, you are registering your strong interest in this mission. You will then be directed to complete the full application.  Or if ready, you can go directly to the FULL APPLICATION.  You are allowed to save your work as you go through the application form.

Seven participants will be chosen from the pool of applications that come in.

We hope to have the team participants chosen by March 1, 2014.  Get your application in early!