Lorna Jost 


Friday August 8, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT
Sunday August 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

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Epworth Forest Camp and Retreat Center 
8580 E Wesley Lane
North Webster, IN 46555

Driving Directions 

Workshop Leaders / Speakers

Una Jones

Denise Honeycutt

Cherie Miner

Lyndy Zabel

Carlene Stringer

Jane Dunn

Rhett Thompson

Rick Jost

elmira nazombe

Ardell and Gordon Graner

Jane Cheema and Nick Nicholas


Willie Berman


Jeff and Debbie Wasilevich

Pat Watkins

Teresa Miller

Chett Pritchett

Gloria Borgman

Lorna Jost




RoundUP celebrates the Rx ConneXion! 

“ Achieving our Mission  :  Barriers vs Opportunities ”

Epworth Forest Conference Center 
North Webster, IN

August 8-10, 2014

Do you wonder about the state of missions in the United Methodist Church?  Wonder no more! Come see/hear where "mission" is happening and how you can connect!  UMVIM teams and individuals are passionate about their Call to Service with those that ask for it! 

This event if open to all who are interested in mission and outreach!

The new Mission Volunteer Handbook will be featured in several of the workshops to help you enhance your mission experience to do no harm, do good and stay in Love with God!


Epworth Forest Conference Center is on-the-lake, has one larger guest house with many lodges.  If you stay in Duecker Lodge, the linens are provided, if you stay in Cartwright Lodge or an alternate lodge, you must bring your own bedding and pillow and towels! Bring your own toiletriesFreeland Guest House is now full.


Carlene Stringer (IN) and Lyndy Zabel (MN) will be our music leaders!

Friday evening Plenary : Una Jones - We are delighted to have the Assistant General  Secretary for Mission Volunteers, GBGM.  Una will speak on the utility of the new 2014 Handbook, direction of Mission Volunteers and the bright future of this movement.

Travelogues from selected teams [Medical (Bangladesh), Mission Discovery (North Katanga), Disaster Recovery (E OH)].

Saturday morning Plenary : Chett Pritchett, Exe Dir, Methodist Federation for Social Action, will challenge some of our long held mission beliefs. 

Saturday afternoon Plenary : Open community forum on issues surrounding hosting medical and other teams and how teams can be helpful in promoting the health of the community they are visiting. We welcome Rhett Thompson, Panama; Ardell & Gordon Graner, Dominican Republic; Willie Berman, Mexico to participate in this discussion. Moderator tba.

Saturday evening Plenary : Denise Honeycutt, UMCOR

Willie Berman will preach Sunday and Bible Studies will be presented by our guests.


Enhancing the Mission Experience

*elmira Nazombe and Una Jones (MV) : Cultural Awareness as Key part of the UMVIM Experience : using the New Handbook to enhance your mission experience 

*Lorna Jost (NCJ) and Nick Nicholas (NEJ) : using new handbook information (other than cultural) on UMVIM journeys.

*Lorna Jost : Nuts and Bolts of team leader training

Teresa Miller  (W MI): Packing it ALL in!

GBGM Missionaries and Individual Volunteer Projects

Willie Berman : Mexico

Gordon and Ardell Graner : Dominican Republic

Rhett Thomson : Panama

Health Related Mission Projects

Gloria Borgman (DAK) : Introduction to Community Based Primary Health Care.

Jane Dunn (NIC) and Rhett Thompson :  " STAR Project: Using an UMCOR Grant Process to Empower Women and Children in Panama "

Rick Jost (DAK) : Haiti Solar Oven Project - Self Help, Environment and Water Project.

Denise Honeycutt (UMCOR) : Health Boards and UMCOR outreach.


Cherie Miner (IA) : Taking Vacation Bible Schools on the Road

Disaster Response

Jane Cheema (NIC) & Denise Honeycutt : information on the 2015 Disaster Response Academy, and a Potpourri of courses offered by UMCOR to prepare your church and conference for a potential disaster and what is happening in International Disaster Response?.

Jim Byerly (IN) : All day Connecting Neighbors. 

*Team Leader Training Module:  If you have never had training, taking these three workshops will qualify you.  If you want a refresher for your leadership skills, attend the cultural awareness workshop.  Conference UMVIM Trainers should attend the Cultural and/or New  Handbook Information sessions.

DISPLAYS (Beach House)

UMVIM Mission Partners:

  • P.E.T.  Robert Gabrieles - Indiana
  • Imagine No Malaria - Gary Henderson, Imagine No Malaria
  • In Mission Together - Greg Gelzinnus
  • NOMADS - Carla Kinsey
  • Midwest Mission Distribution Center, Chatham, IL – please bring kit items (your choice)  – they prefer to get the items in bulk  

Conference Displays highlighting their UMVIM missions:

  • Liberian Partnership (IGR) - Bunny Wolfe
  • Bolivian Partnership (NIC) - Joyce Carrasco
  • Vietnam Partnership (W OH) - Joyce Fry
  • Camphor Mission, Liberia (E OH) - Kathy Dickreide 
  • Wings of the Morning (W OH) - Dee Stickley-Miner
  • Michigan Area Haiti Task Force - Don Gotham
  • Operation Classroom (IN) – Bob Coolman
  • Haiti Solar Oven Project (DAK) – Rick Jost

Health, Empowerment and Justice Related missions:

  • Equal Exchange – brewed coffee, packaged coffee, chocolate, olive oil, tea 
  • Creative Women of the World / HAPI – Fort Wayne, Lorelei Verlie (IN)
  • Safe Water Options - Beth Ferrell (E OH)
  • Jericho Vision Clinic - Katy Grisamore 
  • Medical teams 
  • PERU medical and Individual Volunteer - Judy Bruun (WI) 

More displays will come in with your registrations!

Our Goals

  • Reuniting people in UMVIM (across the jurisdiction)
  • Informing of projects and training and teams
  • Training
  • Energizing - get fired up on what we can do together
  • Sending (Commissioning) through worship and communion