Monday April 17, 2017 at 3:00 PM EST
Thursday April 20, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST

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Heritage International Ministries Conference Retreat Center

     375 Starlight Drive Fort Mill, SC 29715 

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The Registration Fee 
for the first 65 people
to register
Ministry Connextions 2017
is being covered 100%
through an SLD Scholarship.

The Registration Fee includes
the training, housing and meals.

All delegates will be responsible for
their own travel expenses.


Salvation Army officers and employees will need to secure permission from their
Command Head to attend.


Jennifer Rexroth - Leadership Coordinator
Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development

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about the different

Ministry Connextions modules, 

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SLD Ministry Connextions
A leadership development opportunity that seeks to provide transformational Christian leadership development for all leaders (officers, local officers, employees, friends of the Army, etc.). It focuses on the development of the individual leader and is currently composed of the following two tracks:

Personal Leader Development Track 

A series of 3 modules, developed by Leader Breakthru, that each focus on a specific area of personal leadership development. These modules are designed to build on each other and can be taken in immediate succession or over an extended period of time, as is most beneficial for the individual leader. Because the modules build on each other, they should be taken in the order below. 
Click here for a short overview video.

1. Focused Living ~ Discover Your Calling
Focused Living, the first module in the series, focuses on purpose, vision and core values. It is an experiential discovery process that assists a Christ-follower in discovering and clarifying their LIFE DIRECTION and PERSONAL CALLING. It is for leaders seeking greater focus and clarity of their calling. All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

Click here for a short video about Focused Living.

2. APEX ~ Clarify Your Contribution
APEX, the second module in the series, focuses on clarity of one's major role and unique contribution. It is designed to help a leader gain perspective on their life, and climb to a new understanding of what it is that God is calling them to contribute for His Kingdom. It is for leaders seeking personal clarity and/or those in transition needing insight into what's next.
All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).
Prerequisite Module: Focused Living.

Click here for a short video about APEX.

3. Resonance ~ Experience Convergence
Resonance, the third module in the series, focuses on legacy, contribution and finishing well. It will help leaders identify that which rings true in terms of their influence throughout life, and how leaders can deposit their insights into others. It is for leaders who want to develop a strategy to finish well.
All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). 
Prerequisite Modules: Focused Living & APEX.          
Click here for a short video about Resonance.

Pathway to Healthy Leadership Track
Living a Life of Comprehensive Stewardship

A compilation of individual modules that are each focused on the role of physical, mental and/or spiritual wellness in the life of a leader. Leaders who are healthy in mind, body and spirit are better equipped to lead effectively and finish well. Therefore, all modules help to equip leaders for healthy leadership through exploring ways of managing areas of health in a God-honoring way. They are designed to help achieve and maintain optimal, well-rounded health in the life of the leader and can be taken individually or in succession. 

  • Healthy Living and Leadership
    This module examines ways of achieving and/or maintaining a good level of overall, well-rounded health. It provides time for intentional reflection, refocus and renewal while exploring fresh ideas on how to make healthy choices that will lead to a more balanced life that will help you to lead healthily. All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).
  • Emotionally Healthy Leadership
    This module examines the connection of spiritual & emotional maturity and how to realize an emotionally healthy leadership, as seen in the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero. Participants in the module are encouraged to read the book (provided by SLD) before arriving so that they will be familiar with the concepts and strategies that will be discussed.
    All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).
  • Engaging Conflict Redemptively                                                                                                  This module examines the connection of how building Christ-like unity, capacity and clarity helps in engaging conflict redemptively. It offers concrete Biblical teaching, principles, reflection and personal exercise as well as opportunity to grow spiritually by discovering what it means to “abide in Christ” and follow Jesus’ example. All participants will receive 2 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).