Cruising Forum @ Seattle Boat Show 2020

Saturday January 25th   //  10:15am - 12pm   //  Stage 5, Club Level 

Please join us for an engaging panel discussion with active sailors/adventurers.

Learn, laugh, be inspired! This intrepid group will draw from many years and miles of experience to answer host Sarah Curry's questions. How best to prioritize when outfitting an offshore boat? Night watch schedules? Mistakes made? We'll cover topics from self sufficiency to heavy weather tactics to life changing landfalls. Benefit from expert tips for a safe passage down the Washington and Oregon coasts and to exciting destinations beyond... the freedom to explore the world in this amazing way is yours to realize.

This is a FREE event, part of the Seattle Boat Show seminar series.

Registration is not required, but we'd love to know that you're coming! 

Do you have specific questions for the panel? Submit your Q's online during registration. 

John Neal and Amanda Swan Neal have combined experience of 720,000+ ocean miles and have conducted 170+ worldwide sail-training expeditions aboard Mahina Tiare III, a Hallberg-Rassy 46, detailed on John and Amanda annually spend six months at sea, sailing approx 10,000 miles every season. Both are authors and regular magazine contributors. During their 2017-2018 seasons they sailed from Sweden to Iceland, the Med, Africa, Caribbean, Hawaii, Tahiti, and down to New Zealand. After exploring many South Pacific island nations in 2019, Mahina Tiare III is again moored in New Zealand for cyclone season.

When Behan and Jamie Gifford sailed south from the Pacific Northwest in 2008 they anticipated cruising for a two- to five-year sabbatical. Nearly a decade later they’ve completed a circumnavigation on their Stevens 47, Totem, while raising three children aboard; adventures are chronicled on During their ten years the family put over 58,000 miles under the keel while visiting 48 countries/territories, from Mexico to Madagascar to Martinique. Their son has migrated ashore for college, while the rest of the family continues cruising (currently in Pacific Mexico), and preparing for another Pacific crossing.

Will and Sarah Curry hatched a cruising plan on their very first date. They bought their first boat in Mexico in 2012 and after Will showed Sarah the ropes, they sailed into the sunset - west, across the incredible South Pacific.  SV Hydroquest was sold in Australia in 2014 as planned, but they were addicted to the lifestyle... On to Boat #2! After outfitting a Jeanneau 43  SV Kaiquest in the Pacific Northwest, they set off cruising again in 2017 - albeit at a much slower pace. Kaiquest is currently in southern California, ready to sail down Baja Mexico in the coming weeks. Sarah and Will are enamoured with the 2019 additions to their crew: twin baby boys. 

Andy Cross is a former Caribbean sail trainer and partner in local boating website ThreeSheetsNW.comAlong with his wife Jill and sons Porter and Magnus, he cruises full-time aboard their Grand Soleil 39 Yahtzee. The family voyaged north to Alaska in 2017, and their summer exploring Southeast Alaska turned into over two years and thousands of miles sailing to Kodiak Island, Prince William Sound, the Kenai Peninsula and wintering in Seward. In 2019 they set a course south, and sailed to the warmer waters of Mexico. Yachtzee is currently in Banderas Bay.