Saturday February 7, 2015 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST
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Saint Monica Education Center: Cafeteria 
601 First Avenue
Berwyn, PA 19312

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Adult Faith Formation 
The Church of Saint Monica 

Called and Gifted II

What:  “Called and Gifted ‘2’”

When: Saturday February 7, 2015 from 9:00 to 12:00 noon

Where: Saint Monica Education Center Cafeteria

Cost: $15.00 includes:

  • Called & Gifted - Small Group Process “2” – Discernment in Depth Participant Guide
  • Discernment Charisms Workbook
  • Presentation
  • Refreshments


  • Attended “Called & Gifted Seminar ‘Part 1’”
  • 1-Hour interview with Catherine of Siena Institute.
  • Important - You MUST do this before attending “Called and Gifted Seminar “2” in order for the day to be beneficial to you (as others who will be working with you to help discern your “charisms”).  
  • Go to www. siena.org. click on tab names: "Siena Shop & Bookstore" then "Services" then "One Hour Gifts Interview." 
  • Arrange this soon as it may take a few weeks or more to actually schedule the interview.
  • Choose ONE charism on which you want to focus. PICK ONE! Do not come to seminar expecting others to help you choose a charism to work on.
  • Optional: Bring handouts/your notes from “Called & Gifted Seminar ‘Part 1’”


  1. Pray Daily - Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your discernment process. Get at least two other people to join you in prayer.
  2. Re-Read Overviews of your top charisms from the "Spiritual Gifts Inventory." Pray over this.
  3. Choose ONE Charism - Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in considering on which ONE charism you might focus.

Presentation FAQs:

  • Why attend “Called and Gifted Part II?” Why are steps of discernment not easy or intuitive? 
    • After taking inventory, a person might not really have a true “charism” that initially “seems” to be theirs (as several of us have experienced personally already). 
    • It could be a "strong learned behavior" and not a “true charism.” 
    • It is only after having the interview and then experimenting with a particular charism, that a person can begin to discern that it is in fact a charism for them. 
    • Only through the discernment process with others can a person be able to know for sure.
  • Why is the discernment/experimentation process so involved?
    • This is a more serious commitment to your spiritual life and relationship to Christ.
    • People who attend should really want to do the Called & Gifted “2” discernment and experimentation process.
    • The reason is that this process will requirement a significant investment of time and hard work; there should be no false expectations as to the investment and commitment.
    • "We are gifted to minister to others." This is what mature, Catholic discipleship looks and feels like. This process will have positive spiritual benefits to all participants who make the commitment and benefits the greater church and community as well.
  • What kind of overall schedule can the discernment groups take? 
    • 1x a week or every other week is suggested.
    • Otherwise people might lose momentum, interest, and enthusiasm if longer intervals are scheduled. 
    • 1x a month will work, but people must be seriously committed.
  • Why does the length of time, of each of the individual sessions, needs to be 2.5 hours? 
    • This is the recommendation from Siena Institute, but each group can figure out the amount of time that will work best  for them.
    • Social and prayer time need to be factored in. These are important aspects of the discernment process.
    • Try ONE 2.5 hour session to start; see how long it takes then add or subtract as needed.