Diane Scott 
Artist INC 


Monday February 4, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM CST

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Artist INC 
4747 Troost
Room 114
Kansas City, MO 64110

Driving Directions 

A Primer on Promotion and Media Relations for the KC Artist

A Primer on Promotion and Media Relations for the KC Artist is a four part presentation by Gina Kaufmann featuring a case study with Grace Suh.  At the end of the presentation there will be time for questions with the presenters. 

Part 1: Be yourself, for the most part.

 Art writing has a tendency to be personality-driven. So be yourself. Wait, not like that. More like this. The tricky contradiction of promoting an authentic personality while playing by the rules.

Part 2: The time-hook.

Remembering that relevance and timeliness are the bread and butter of journalism. In this segment, we will explore the importance of time hook and discuss ways of using this concept to frame and schedule your press release.

Part 3: Inside the minds of journalists.

The goals of the journalists are not the same as the goals of artists, though in happy scenarios these two overlap. In this portion of the conversation, we will talk about how to work within the paradigm of journalism, giving journalists what they need while carefully crafting messages of your own. Related concept: promoting tirelessly while respecting journalists' professional boundaries. Dos and Don'ts.

Part 4: Case study.

Grace Suh, who successfully promoted a local artist's project - ultimately helping him promote his way to a Rocket Grant - will offer a step-by-step reflection on her experience.

Conclusion: Q&A with Gina Kaufmann & Grace Suh