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Kent Dorsey & Suzanne Savage 
Center for Shamanic Healing & Integrative Health Teachings 


Sunday July 31, 2011 from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM PDT

Registration Opens 9:30 AM

Class Sessions: 10 AM - 5:30 PM  (There will be a one hour lunch break)

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Integrative Health Teachings 
436 Effey Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Driving Directions 

Empowerment Through Shamanic Journey: Santa Cruz, CA 

Ancient Ways for Modern Living

Many have felt a calling from spirit and are awakening to make a difference in this world. If you are ready to empower yourself to live a richer and more meaningful life, to access your OWN answers to questions about your life, and to explore the invisible world in our infinite universe... Then we invite you to discover the Shamanic Journey and engage the quest for deeper, broader vision of who and what you truly are.

Learn to  Ride the Shaman's Drum

You may think that Shamanic Journeying is a woo-woo New Age nightmare? Anthropologist and teacher Michael Harner is fond to point out that Shamanism  isn’t "New Age"... it is Stone Age. Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind. We know from the archaeological evidence that shamanism has been practiced in parts of Asia, Siberia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Greenland and native North and South America for at least 40,000 years.

Learn Ancient Ways for Modern Living


    • Are you searching for Wellness, Wisdom and Guidance?
    • Are you ready to Empower Yourself to live a richer and more meaningful life?
    • Are you ready to access your OWN answers to questions about Your Life?
    • Are you at a crossroads in your Life?  Seeking Transformation?
    • Wanting to make a Change in your Life?
    • Are you confused and searching for guidance for the next steps to take personally, professionally or Spiritually?
    • Are you ready to release old patterns and change limiting/ negative beliefs and behaviors?
    • Heal yourself, your ancestors and future generations
    • Restore your soul to wholeness
    • Feel more connected to the wonder and mystery of life
    • Experience and learn that we are never alone and are loved unconditionally

In this class you will learn how to journey to non-ordinary reality to get direct spiritual guidance. This is a core shamanic skill used for many different purposes such as divining, problem solving, healing and gathering power. By using the beat of the drum, you will learn how to move into an altered state of consciousness to gain access to non-ordinary reality to get direct spiritual guidance. This is a skill that will empower you on your path of discovery of your own medicine. This will be a fun full day of exploring and learning!

More Information

Integrative Health Teachings, of Santa Cruz, present  Kent Dorsey & Suzanne Savage, from the CENTER FOR SHAMANIC HEALING, for a    fun introductory full day class:

Learn to safely journey to the upper and lower spirit worlds.

Connect with your spiritual allies and receive guidance

When: Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time: 9:30 AM Registration   Class Sessions: 10 AM - 5:30 PM   (There will be a one hour lunch break).

Where: Integrative Health Teachings

            436 Effey Street

            Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Cost: $75.00

Contact: Kent Dorsey  for more information  510-604-7522                  

• On or before July 31, 2011 workshop tuition will be refunded, less a $5 administrative fee.

• No refunds after July 31, 2011


I understand that the Empowerment through the Shamanic Journey Training is a full day training, each class session building on the material covered in the previous class meeting. I agree to attend all class meetings.  I am responsible for the full tuition in the unexpected event of my missing a session.

I understand that this and all other Center For Shamanic Healing training programs are offered for teaching purposes only and not for the purposes of providing healing or treating any student or participant for any physical or mental condition or illness.


Shamanic  services and information on this website are offered to compliment medical and psychological advice and treatments. The user of said information accepts all responsibility for viewing and/or using this service. Kent Dorsey and Suzanne Savage  Shamanic Practitioners, are not  licensed physicians or surgeons and Shamanic Healing treatments are not licensed by the state of California but are complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state. Shamanic healing is an ancient spiritual method of healing that deals with the spiritual aspect of illness. As shamanic healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness there is no way to predict the results that will manifest emotionally or physically. Shamanic healing does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment. The information on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical/psychological concerns. We advise you to contact a licensed physician or Certified Medical Practitioner for any medical/psychological concerns.