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2021/2022 Adult Sessions Begin Week of September 20th

Blaze Begins in October

 Register by August 29th with registration discount code EARLYBIRD and get $5 off registration!

Course selection and descriptions listed below.



Special Dates

Fall Kick off Mass and social:

September 13th at 7pm

 Small Groups Begin:                  Week of Sept 20th - through May  2022

BLAZE Begins:

October 2021

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 Walking With Purpose Bible Study                      St. Theresa Parish - Ashburn VA                   

 Co-Coordinators                                           Lisa Carino & Kim McCabe                                          (703) 729 - 7258                    sttheresawwp@gmail.com 


St. Theresa Catholic Church 
21371 St. Theresa Lane
Ashburn, VA 20147

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What is Walking With Purpose?

Walking with Purpose is a Bible study that brings women to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ by offering individual study enhanced by small group discussion.  Insights gained through Walking with Purpose help us to apply the teachings of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church to the challenges, struggles and triumphs of every day life.

We welcome all women, regardless of Bible study experience, and hope you will join us on this beautiful journey with Christ!


What is BLAZE?

BLAZE is a Walking with Purpose ministry created for teen/tween girls to counteract the way our society drives girls to question their identity, worth and beauty. Like Walking With Purpose, BLAZE makes the wisdom of the Bible relevant to today's challenges.  Through BLAZE, we emphasize how a girl’s identity is rooted in Christ as God’s chosen, beloved daughter. An antidote to bullying, anxiety and body-image issues, BLAZE replaces lies with truth and strengthens girls from the inside out through the use of Scripture-based programs.

BLAZE consists of 20 fun weekly lessons that girls will truly enjoy. Each week, participants are led through an ice breaker activity and a short lesson based on a lie found in the world and a truth found in Scripture. The girls leave with a small take-home gift which corresponds with the lesson. As the girls are introduced to the Bible in relevant and fresh ways, they will hear Jesus telling them how loved and beautiful they are!

Course Selection 2021/2022 Session

*** Full Session Courses Adult Women (Sept - May) - Opening Your Heart, Touching the Divine, Grounded in Hope, and Beholding His Glory/Beholding Your King!

***$40 Adult Women's course (Does NOT include Study Guide).  Register by Aug 29th with registration discount code EARLYBIRD and get $5 off registration!

***Adult Studies offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, AND Thursdays with morning, evening and some virtual options!

*** BLAZE Middle School Girls' Study (October-April)--Masterpiece.  *NO STUDY GUIDE REQUIRED.* $50 registration fee includes all materials.

*** Course levels are informational only. There are no prerequisites to any studies, and you may choose any course you'd like. However, we recommend that all new participants start with Intro Level: Opening Your Heart.

  • Intro Level: Opening Your Heart   --  (Full course description click HERE)- 
  • The starting place if you are new to WWP! Regardless of your previous bible study experience this is considered our foundational study. Join us as we seek a deep and lasting transformation of the heart and explore core questions in order to experience all that God has for us. (Introductory Level)
  •  Adv Level:   Touching the Divine  --  (Full course description click HERE
  • This study focuses on the qualities of Jesus revealed through the Gospel of John. Draw closer to Jesus and deepen your faith, trust and understanding of what it means to be God's beloved daughter.   (Advanced Level)
  • Adv Level: Grounded in Hope  --  (Full course description click   HERE--  Anchor yourself in the truth found in the New Testament book of Hebrews, and gain practical insight to help you run your race with perserverance.  (Advanced Level)
  • Adv Level:  Beholding His Glory/Beholding Your King --  (Full Course descriptions click  Here and HereWe combine these 2 shorter, complimentary studies.  Old Testament scripture leads us directly to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Page after page, God's awe-inspriring majesty is a treasure to behold in Beholding His Glory.  Beholding Your King is the study of King David and several Old Testament prophets offers a fresh perspective of how all Scripture points to the glorious coming of Christ.
  • BLAZE Middle School Girls' Study--Masterpiece  (Full Course desription click HERE)  Blaze teaches girls to recognize the difference between the loving, affirming voice of their heavenly Father and the voices that tell them they aren't good enough.  No Study Guide Required.   







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 Full Adult Study Session (Sept - May) $40.00* 

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Full Session BLAZE (Oct-Apr) $50.00**


**Registration fee includes all materials.



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