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*Scheduled Day Of Event*
Spa Lounge - Pomegranate Sensitive Skin Peel or Timeless Anti-Aging Peel
Spa Lounge - K-Lift Anti-Aging Machine,  Eye and or Lip Treatments
Rose Room - Wine & Dandy Body Treatments
Rose Room - Agave Nectar Body Treatments
Salon - White Tea & Ginger Foot Treatments
Salon - Honey Hand Mask & Massage
Library - Aromatherapy Bolus Massage
Library - Cranio Sacral, Head, Neck & Spine 
Cafe Crow's Nest - Chair Massage Station
Cafe Crow's Nest - Bio-Meridian or BioMat Treatments
Wellness Lounge - Zero Gravity Chair w. BEMER Session


*Scheduled At Date Of Registration, First Come First Serve*

Spa Lounge - Ayurvedic Consultations
Cafe Crow's Nest - Astrology Readings
Cafe Crow's nest - Crystal & Chakra Balancing
Wellness Lounge - Polarity Work
Spa Suites - Life Coaching
Spa Suites - Psychic Reading

Salon - Aromatherapy Assessments
Salon - Nutritional Consultations  
Library - Belief Transformation
Library - Integrative Homeostasis 


2:00-4:00  Stress-Less Yoga by Shaun guest instructor from BodyWize, Warrensville Hgts
4:15-5:15    Hatha Yoga by Tracie guest instructor from Hot Yoga, Twinsburg 
5:30-6:30   Yin, Relax & Restore Yoga by Kris guest instructor from EssentialZen, Aurora
7:30-9:30   Master Session with Dr. Dorris Cohen - Repetition, Past Lives, Life & Rebirth

Overnight Guest Packages will be scheduled with a 60-minute
Spa Service between 2:00 and 7:00pm Sunday Evening.

8:00-9:00    Yoga Newbie, 101 Class - Om Studio 
9:00-10:00  Retreat Introduction, Grab Juice, Tour & Sign Up for Activities

LISTEN - Walden Theater (60-minute Sessions)
10:00 "Making a U-Turn: Lessons in Life Renewal" - Dr. Margaret McKenzie, Cleveland Clinic
12:00 "The Wellness Lifestyle Defined" - Dr. Paul Bizjak, Optimal Spine & Wellness 
2:00 "Catapulting Emotional Health: Essential Keys to Optimal Health" - Dr. Holly Timberlake, Nakaia Health
4:00 "Eastern Approaches to a Western World" - Anne Kinchen, Cleveland Acupuncture
6:00 "Dreaming About the Dreamer" - Dr. Doris Cohen
8:30 "Group Psychic Reading" - Mark Silber

FEEL - Spa Walden Om Studio (60-minute Sessions)
10:30  Partner Yoga "We Supply the Partners"
12:30  Tai Chi - Chi Gong,  "The Fundamentals of Practice"
2:30   Push Yourself Yoga, "Reaching New Heights"
4:30   Sensory Chakra Yoga, "Aromatherapy, Breath, Movement"
6:30   Yoga Nidra, "The Great Sleep"

CREATE - Inn Walden Blue Ribbon Cafe (90-minute Sessions)
11:00  Custom Blend Aromatherapy, "take home!"- Cheri Heinzerling
1:30    Mandalas of Life - Julie Gable
4:00   Crystal Elixirs, "take home!" - Hope Seavers
6:30   Connecting with the Elements: A Mixed Medium Art Experience - Julie Gable

MEALS  Available for purchase at the Blue Ribbon Cafe
SNACKS Available for purchase at Inn Front Desk & Spa Front Desk