The following organizations recognized Superhero Volunteers in 2018
Click on their name to learn more about these wonderful organizations serving our communitiy!
Kevin Collins
Tom Robb
Hank Kahrs
Coral Acosta
Azaria Godlevsky-DeAnda
Candace Martinez
Tammy McInerney
Robert Fair
Kerry Ammann
Dr. Robert Bader
Dr. Robert Grimm
Alex Hsia
Terri Holte
Laurel House
Amantha Wrinter
Jonathan Abelove
Ella Chang
Jennifer Kohlenberger
Myford Elementary School P.A.L.
Joy Cooke
Chuck Divine
Paul Dylewski
Chris Fitzgibbons
Patty O'Connor
Marie Perez Castaneda
Albert & Yvonne Tjan
Astrid Janusz
Autumn Gould
Alice McCullough
Rita Visilli
Tom Beeman
Betty Carle
Tiffany Miller
Betty Abraham
Leslie Cooper
Eric & James Perez
Christine Uribe
Tony Wong
Linda Rodriquez Ladd
Christi White
Patty Lee
Judy Siegel
Richard Kociela
Nick Beske
Sherry Bragg
Debra Ann & Matthew Buttacavoli
Sheila-Marie Finkelstein
Rosanna Fristed
Sarah Hanna
Ariana Mangam Miramontes
Brianna Richmond
Dale Wilcox


Communities benefit from volunteers because the services they provide help families, individuals and the communities in general address local needs and problems.  An increase in community volunteerism leads to a decrease in crime and an increase in property values.

For more information on volunteering in the greater Tustin area or with the Tustin Community Foundation, please visit or Volunteer in Tustin or TCF's Volunteer in Tustin Facebook page.


Friday, April 12, 2019
National Volunteer Week

What would Gotham City be like without Batman?

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The SUPERHEROES OF TUSTIN Community Volunteer Recognition Luncheon is held as a tribute to those who unselfishly volunteer their services to our community and to say " thank you" to those who work passionately to help others and improve our community by volunteering in our schools and houses of worship, with local school booster clubs and youth sports organizations,service clubs and other nonprofit organizations.

326 volunteers have been recognized since 2009 when the Tustin Community Foundation held the first Community Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.