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Friday June 3, 2011 
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The Crow Indian Reservation, in southeastern Montana

Garryowen, Montana (near Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument)       1 hour from Billings Airport, MT




Summer Interns - The Crow Indian Native American Youth Summer Camp 

POSITION:         CROW YOUTH MENTOR/TEACHER (10 spaces avail, minimum of 3 weeks commitment)


The Children of the Crow Indian reservation, a stronghold of traditional values and culture, rise-up by initiating a youth summer camp, which will be the catalyst for social and economic improvement through the creation of an inspired youth leadership; armed with the vision and the tools necessary for real, sustainable change.


  • Potential permanent job opportunities with Leap2Grow, a non-profit organization (
  • *Top 2 interns will have opportunity to present research findings at Native Tribal conference in England.
  • Extremely rare and unprecedented access to live with Native Americans 
  • Will receive full orientation prior to beginning, including curriculum training (no experience necessary)
  • ALL food, accommodation and amenities will be provide at NO COST for entire duration
  • A commitment of a minimum 3 consecutive weeks, maximum 8 weeks.


The Center Pole (, located on the Crow Native American reservation, near Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, 1 hour south east of Billings airport, in Garryowen, Montana.            (The Center Pole, is a 501 (c)(3) registered charity) 


  • The first official Warrior Youth Summer Camp will be conducted with the assistance of 10 interns, working together, which will provide a “Big Brother/Big Sister” learning environment to 30, specially selected, Crow children.
  • Small ratios of 1 to 4 will effectively allow the interns to implement the curriculum provided, along with imbedding much needed confidence and motivation within the Crow children. 
  • Bonds and relationships will be formed, which will enable the Crow children to open up and connect, hence, providing a path to become inspired and be focused to help their own people


  • Top 2 interns will have opportunity to present research findings at Native Tribal conference in England
  • Extremely rare and unprecedented opportunity to live with Native Americans
  • Career opportunities with the non-profit Leap2Grow for selected interns (
  • Assist in curriculum development and research project
  • Develop life-long bonds with the children of the Crow Indian Reservation.
  • Be a positive and influential role-model to the children
  • Help these oppressed children rise up to reflect the greatness their ancient culture.
  • Weekends free to explore


  • A commitment of a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks (maximum 8)
  • No previous teaching or mentor experience necessary, however must have a deep appreciation for the Native American culture.
  • Must enjoy working with children, ages 7 to 12, in a big brother/big sister environment
  • A commitment to mentor your group of Crow children, 9am to 5pm Mon-Friday
  • Must work within the curriculum provided, however, will have the freedom to implement own style of teaching/mentoring/motivating
  • The Crow children will be very shy and closed off.  You must work to open them up and help them dream again.
  • Must have a clean criminal background and no alcohol usage during intern period.


  • ***ALL food and accommodation, and amenities will be provided at NO COST for the entire duration of your stay (including weekends)***
  • Even though this is an unpaid internship, transportation to and from Billings, Montana airport will be provided at no cost
  • Only cost, is traveling to Montana (either flight to Billings, or cost of gas if driving to the reservation.
  • If you have a vehicle, parking is available
  • Even though there is zero cost associated with your stay, you may want extra spending money for weekend travel and souvenir purchases


  • Will receive full orientation prior to start, including curriculum training (no experience necessary)
  • Will be working alongside 10 other interns, reporting to the lead intern and program director
  • Armed with a proven curriculum based on the system used at Leapfrog Academy of Excellence (, the volunteers will teach the children to be successful using the best of both worlds- using the warrior mentality of their ancestors and gain the academic tools and awareness to battle and win outside the reservation.  
  • The summer camp will be 5 focuses over 5 days, with a repeat of the 5 days over 8 weeks. This repetitive structure will help to reinforce positive actions in the youth and instill a habit of these practices for their future 
    • Monday:   Academics day (Mathematics and reading comprehension only)  
    • Tuesday:    Warrior Sports day (Train for traditional games in August)
    • Wednesday: Public Speaking & Presentation day (teach to be confidence)
    • Thursday:  Careers Day (Learn about different careers available across the US)
    • Friday:  Crow cultural warrior day (Learn about the greatness of the Crow culture via elders and locals).


  • Fill out the application via the Register Now link below
  • We will contact you for a phone interview
  • Any questions, email Project Coordinator at: