This Academy will be taught in a Live-Virtual format, with two 90-minute sessions per month for 3 months.

September 14 & 28
October 12 & 26
November 6 & 30


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Thriving in Chaos 
An Executive Leadership series

This is an Executive Leadership Development program focused on the strategic and tactical skills Executives need to be energizing, empowering, and motivating leaders.  This highly engaging and interactive program will ensure these leaders have a positive and profound impact on themselves, their teams, and their organization.

This Academy will be taught in a Live-Virtual format, with two 90-minute sessions per month for 3 months.

The 6 Executive Development Sessions:

Session 1 – Where are you going and Why?
     Creating a Personal Mission, Vision, and Values – Stop being a “wandering generality” and get focused on what you really care about.
     Creating alignment with Organizational Mission and Vision. This alignment will improve your results at every level.

Session 2 - Creating Engagement and Motivation! Beware of Quiet Quitting!
     The 4 Principles of Engagement – What is it that really engages people? Hint - money isn’t one of them.
     The 4 Reasons Excitement Wears Off – What you can do to keep the fires of excitement burning.
     Create your Personal Board of Directors – Stop trying to do it on your own, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Session 3 – Execution – Win as a Team - Achieve Your Goals with Excellence (from our critically acclaimed book - The 3 Keys of Execution™)
     Simplicity – So simple that no one can misunderstand what success looks like.
     Visibility – No hiding, everyone can see what success and failure look like at every level of your organization.
     Accountability – From the C-Suite to the front line and back, real-time every day!

Session 4 – Win Back Your Day!
     How to focus on the really important things and not on the less important ones.
     The 4 daily rituals for success – Do them with consistency.
     How to manage your time, thoughts, and ideas.

Session 5 - Trust – Be the Leader People Trust and Want to Work For!
     Earn it
     Repair it
     Keep it

Session 6 – Thrive in Chaos - Be more proactive, less reactive, and happier
Program participants will learn how to deal more effectively with change and chaos in their jobs and personal lives.