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Tuesday, February 4, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM PST
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I am so excited to share my inspiration with you! I would only arrange this special zoom call, if something extraordinary had come into my sphere that I want to share with all of you!  When I finished reading Damascena: the Tale of Roses and Rumi by Holly Payne, I was crying tears of a heart blown open by Love as I set the book down. It is a brilliantly written and compelling story certainly.. but moreover it is embedded with pieces of the mystery of the rose.. Rosa Mystica.. with so many precious remembrances of the incredible value of holy oils in our alchemical process of evolution and wholeness.  And our beloved alchemist/priestess Diana, of the Emerald Temple just offered us, her new rarefied Rosa Mystica oil. When I read in this amazing story that it took 4 tons.. yes tons, of rose petals to produce 1 kilo of rose oil.. it helped me to understand its cost. Not that you can put a physical value on the oils that Diana creates, as they are imbued with the wisdom she carries as a holy oil/anointing priestess and alchemist with many life times of service in that lineage. What is that worth? A LOT, because the qualitative difference in frequency is palpable, with commensurate alchemical results in uplifting your frequency! (www.emeraldtemple.com )
   In this compelling story, we get to journey with Damascena as she weaves her life with the multi-dimensional lives of Shams and Rumi.. which i can never get enough of, due to my passion for the spiritual truth held in his divine transmissions of poetry! (Let's face it, Rumi IS my beloved consort in this life time..and it has always been so! We even share the same birthday!) His life is described in this work, in terms of his being a living embodiment of unconditional Love! His death is described with such immense beauty.. as the day he merged with Eternity and his Beloved Shams (that after Sham's death, he had longed for, for the remainder of his life and out of that longing came the reams of divinely inspired poetry that the world gets to cherish!).
    Let our lives be as Rumi's was.. a paean to unconditional love.. and thus the upliftment of the collective One with every breath. As is the prayer in this beautiful book.. in every action we take: May this too, become only Love! Please take this rare opportunity to meet with Holly on February 4th at noon on Zoom to commune and ask questions, to deepen around Rumi and Holy oils.

                                    In Devotion.. your sister ariel
PS: You may wish to get the book at a bookstore to read beforehand.
PS: Please register as this offering will fill up quickly, especially if you are planning to watch it as a recording, if you can't make the call time.