2022 Dates for Drink From Her Well

All temple gatherings will be held on the Wednesday nearest the New Moon at 12 noon Pacific and last for approx. 1 hour. 

Wednesday, Jan 5th

Wednesday, Feb 2nd

Wednesday, Mar 9th

Wednesday, Apr 6th

Wednesday, May 4th

Wednesday, June 1st

Wednesday, July 6th

Wednesday, Aug 3rd

Wednesday, Sep 28th - CANCELLED

Wednesday, Oct 26th

Wednesday, Nov 30th 

Wednesday, Dec 28th - NEXT


This is an online event. 



Sanctuary of the Open Heart 

Drink From Her Well with Ariel ~

December 28th, 2022 at Noon Pacific Time

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart invites you to Drink From Her Well, a New Moon Virtual Temple Gathering for members and non-members of the Sanctuary*. Please join us for this joyful exploration with Ariel Spilsbury every month around the new moon at 12 noon Pacific! Register for call-in details and more information!

*To become a Chalice Holder (sustaining member) with the Sanctuary, or to update your current membership profile, please click here.

For centuries Priest/ess' have journeyed on the etheric to tend to Her Holy Well, as Grail Maidens and Knights, to alchemically honor and care for the well being of water as the sacred element it truly is. It is here that we can have a powerful alchemical effect on all waters of Earth. And there is potent remembrance embedded in our devoted service as we journey to Her Holy Well together. Join us!

A Personal Invitation from Ariel

Dear Ones...
Though we each have equal direct access to the Divine, for me, it is joyfully uplifting to sit in a "sanga" circle of beings devoted to having that direct access together through our simple willingness to sit in Empty Presence! That is a big part of why I wanted to set up these gatherings each moon. I also want to express in some tangible way my deep gratitude for the care that each of you has shown in supporting the work of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart and the 13 Moon Mystery School by being sustaining members.

Drink from Her Well is a direct demonstration and training for how to work with collective alchemy! It means so much for the collective awakening, that we hold these alchemical circles, both physically and etherically, beyond ego mind and in Divine Love's name. It is so critical now, that the Divine Feminine rise in alignment and integrity with the most expanded viewpoint of what is being asked of us at this intense time of planetary transformation.

If you feel aligned, please join us for this exploration of Drinking from Her Well together...

In Her Name... your sister Ariel

The Sanctuary is providing this online event as a gift. Please consider making a donation and/or becoming a member and support such activities as this in the future. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

What to Expect During Our Time Together...

We invite your heart questions, soul musings, and new moon intentions during our time together. Please bring whatever is REAL for you now to this sacred gathering.

There won't be an information based "agenda" ... just an opening guided meditation or transmission and then we will create an energetic tapestry together with our authentic responses in image, word, song, poem, whatever comes to us to share directly from our bellies and hearts. As we sit together, we will get used to Silence being the container that holds us, not needing to "fill up" that space of Silence to make ourselves feel more comfortable, knowing that in those spaces with the power of presence amplified, Mother can impulse us with amazingly clear guidance, images, vision, inner knowing, awakening. Thus, Ariel will keep encouraging us to empty to receive Her and each other in this expanded resonance and awareness. 

We recommend you allow some space AFTER the call to integrate. If possible, give yourself some time to honor the deep inner journey and process the revelations that may have come through, before jumping right back in to the rushing river of life!

About our Online Temple and Zoom

The technology we use is Zoom...it uses audio and video, so we can see each other's faces, eye to eye and heart to heart! (Of course, you are welcome to join via audio or telephone only and not use video).

Once you register you will recieve the call-in details. We send reminders out before each call. 

This event is offered through Heart donations!
The Sanctuary of the Open Heart welcomes all forms of support and deeply appreciates financial contributions that allow for ever wider expansion of the Sacred Feminine in this world. If you are moved to support our mission and desire to make a one time donation above your regular moonly giving, or, a one time gift of support, the Sanctuary is overjoyed to receive it. All donations contribute to the longevity and sustainability of the Sanctuary, and makes the offerings of spiritual growth, support and expansion possible for beings across the globe.