Wednesday, July 27, 2022 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT
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Linda Ferguson 
NLP Canada Training Inc. 
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An NLP State of Mind 

Is NLP right for you? Are you willing to make changes, focus on strengths, and decide what you want. If you don't want anything, there's no point in learning NLP. If you do, then NLP will help you change your thinking so you can make changes in your behaviour, communication & results. The NLP training team leads this interactive workshop.

NLP is a model of human behaviour based on four pillars: 1) it is goal directed - you need to want something to change to use NLP. 2) it is strengths-based - NLP is about identifying your strengths, knowledge and connetions and putting them to work for you; 3) it recognizes that human beings are social creatures who grow through interaction and connection and 4) it uses language to create choice and connection.

Learning NLP gives you better options whether you are planning for new goals or overcoming obstacles. It builds flexibility, reslience and confidence.It's not a therpay or a science. It's a model of how to build wellness and achievement. The practices we teach at NLP Canada Training are aligned with the best current information on how human beings think, react and thrive.