Date and Time(s):             

Tuesday, April 20th

12:00pm - 1:30pm ET

 (in North America)



 Educational Coordinator:                  Rosemary Cox                         


Judaism's "Inner Path" of Spiritual Development with Aging

with Rabbi Daniel Bialik and Ronnie Dunetz

More about Rabbi Daniel Bialik

According to Rabbi Kook, God's work in the world is manifested in different ways by different people, to know wisdom is to be open to the various, and at times mysterious, ways that God works through his creation. Throughout his years of service as a teacher for all age groups and a community Rabbi, Rabbi Bialik has emphasized the central importance of the cultivation and development of "midot", moral, ethical and humanistic characteristics, as the foundation of religious and spiritual development.

More about Ronnie Dunetz

Ronnie has lived for over 30 years in Israel, and has lived and worked extensively in East Asia, where he pursued his studies and practice in the internal martial arts, the philosophy and practice of yoga, Buddhism, among others.

His focus on the "inner path", has increasingly brought him into cultivating his "sage-ing journey" emanating from his diverse spiritual and cultural background and practice.  He and Rabbi Bialik have been co-facilitating a group in their community in Israel which deals in " Life coaching and the development of moral ethics and character of the Jewish spiritual path of Mussar.



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