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Los Cien Familia,

 Thank you for your continued commitment to improving our community. Back in 2009 we came together to connect, begin havning hard conversations and elevate the voice of the marginalized members of our community. Since then, we have been faced with ever mounting obstacles - fires, floods, flus, and who knows what will come next. Along the way, we remain confident we will be able to make our way through if we continue to invest in our community.

Over the course of this chaotic year, Los Cien has had to pivot, pivot and pivot again to re-envision how we elevate the voice of those in need and add value to our community. With your continued support, we are proud of the work we have done in this most challenging year - numerous virtual programs on pressing topics, the hiring of an Equity Officer at the County, the launch of the Latino Score Card, and more. Our board and our community is stepping up to meet the moment, regardless of what the moment throws at us.

Since our inception, Los Cien has strived to create mainstream awareness of the importance of including Latinos, not only in conversation, but also in decision-making and leadership. On this journey, you have helped us create a inclusive platform for participants to raise their voices and exercise their leadership and civic engagement.

The programs we convene, the conversations we elevate are shifting the narrative in our community. Now more than ever, we are hearing our leaders and institutions acknowledge the value the Latinx community provides the our community, and increase their focus on bridging the gaps that Sonoma County's Latinx community faces. Los Cien members can take pride in the culture of mutual social responsibility we are co-creating. This culture of inclusion, not of blame or divisiveness, is more effective in bringing into fruition policies and practices that have a positive impact for all residents of Sonoma County. 


As we enter 2021, the momentum we have built must continue. Our successes are growing and are only made possible by our mutual investment in our community. Please consider becoming a member of Los Cien to ensure our efforts can continue to grow. Our vision is of orgullo (pride) & equity for Latinos in Sonoma County, and with a small investment of you becoming and/or renewing your Los Cien membership, you can help fuel the shifts, big and small, our community needs to thrive in the near and longterm.


Herman Hernandez





Los Cien: Sonoma County Latino Leaders has a vision of Sonoma County where the many dynamic and rich cultures that comprise this bountiful region can thrive together, each offering their unique approach to strengthening the collective health, education, income and civic participation of the whole.