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Testimonials from CLRT Practitioners

Like the others before me, all I can say is: it’s amazing! I have attended countless workshops and seminars in my 11 years of practice....this ranks at the top in terms of results and ease of implementation/learning. Over the years there are certain “gems” I have picked up along the way.....this one is a diamond. This work will certainly play a key role for me and my patients from this point forward. I want to say thank you so, so, so much.

 Dr. Rob Neposlan, Canada

One of the best techniques I've found!

 Mark E Miller, DC


Firstly I'd like to thank you for sending the latest CLRT to me in the UK. I love it and so do the patients (I've found that even if I need to manipulate the patient, if I have done CLRT first the manipulation is so much easier).

 John Taberman-Pichler, DO, East Sussex, England



"I had one of the best treatments of my life from Nicholas Wise and I say that as a holistic health care practitioner with 25 years experience in the field. I was expecting an effective technique using laser light but what I got was much, much more. Nicholas works holistically, incorporating structure, emotions, energy work and nutrition. But it is his extensive knowledge of all these systems and how they interconnect combined with laser light and sound frequency that was mind blowing. I walked away, or more accurately bounced away, feeling a different person. "
Maggie La Tourelle Kinesiologist, psychotherapist, healer, London, England

I use CLRT during almost every treatment. From an osteopathic perspective, it can help me in preparing the tissues before doing an adjustment and it also useful for very acutely inflamed areas, where even gentle soft tissue work would be unbearable initially. I see CRLT as another useful tool in my technique repertoire, which is very quick to use and easy to integrate with osteopathic practice. It often amazes the patients as well as me. Another of the major benefits of CLRT from the point of view of the practitioner’s body, is the saving of the hands, as doing lots of soft tissue work can be hard on the hands. I also self treat with CLRT to keep things at bay until I get treatment from an osteopathic colleague.  

Catrin Mear (Bsc Ost Hons), UK



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Cranial Laser Reflex Technique: Level 1 


Cranial Laser Reflex Technique is an exciting new development in the care of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Using brief low-level laser stimulation on specific cranial reflex points, the CLRT practitioner can usually achieve immediate pain reduction and significant functional improvements, such as increased ROM, trigger point reduction, enhanced subluxation correction, and neurological improvement. All within seconds...!

CLRT uses two cranial maps that were discovered by chiropractors: one that controls the tone and pain of every major muscle, and another that is linked to each segment of the spine, ribcage and pelvis. Lasering the right point on the head for a few seconds creates instant and lasting changes in your patients' physiology that will BLOW THEM AWAY!

This innovative technique is easy to learn and can be performed with almost any cold laser (and even without one!), making it the perfect adjunct to any type of practice. After this fast-moving weekend seminar you will be able to start performing this Monday morning on your patients!

In this class, you will learn:

--How it is (usually) possible to significantly reduce someone’s pain instantly, no matter what the origin!
--How to make trigger points, spasms, and muscle tension reduce with zero discomfort (to the patient) and very little effort (for the practitioner) 
--How the body’s information is holographically organized in microsystems
--How Cranial stresses affect muscle tension, subluxations, and pain perception
--How the body already communicates with coherent light
--How to maximize your clinical results and make your adjustments hold longer
--How to maximize your cold laser investment
--Cranial adjusting simplified
--NEW!!!! Cranial laser treatment for mental and emotional conditions: chronic stress, mild depression, anxiety, stage fright, ADHD, addictions, phobias, etc!
--How to turn your patients into raving referral machines

--All this plus your own personal CLRT treatment by Dr. Wise (if you would like one.)

Each 12 hour seminar will be on Saturday, from 8:30 AM -12:00 and 1:30PM- 6:00 PM, and Sunday morning from 8:00 AM-12:00.

Seminar will be taught by the developer of CLRT, Nicholas A. Wise, DC, with assistance from Todd E. Riddle, DC, RKT, CSCS, and special guest stars TBA.

Registration: $799.
Early Bird Registration (before Mar. 1): $699
Current CLRT Advanced Kit Owners: $599
Students: $499

Attendees will receive a 102 page, fully illustrated CLRT manual.

Charts, posters, DVD's and lasers will be available for purchase at the seminar.

12 Hour CE credits are applied for, but not guaranteed at this time.

12 Hour Course Syllabus

I.     Introduction/The Scientific Basis of CLRT:  An brief overview of the most up-to-date theories from Astrophysics, String Theory and Quantum Physics to explain how the universe works –easy, right?--but most importantly, how this affects what we do as doctors.  

  • The Universe is Holographic
  • …Therefore the human body is holographic
  • String Theory: Since Everything in the Universe boils down to Vibration, use this information to your advantage!
  • Memory and Microsystems as Evidence for Human Holographic Organization: Auriculotherapy, Refloxology, ECIWO, Korean Hand Acupuncture, plus 15 more homuncular maps.
  • Cranial Reflex Pathways (CRPs): the amazing discoveries by chiropractors that will forever change how we think of the human body… not to mention, how we treat soft tissue problems and subluxations!
  • How CLRT was born. The exciting true story of the first time I put a laser to someone’s head while in front of a crowd of skeptical MD’s. Thank God it worked.

II.   Body of Light: Biophotons and Their Role in Communication and Regulation. I believe one of the main reasons why CLRT is so effective is that the technique uses coherent (laser) light as information—the same way Innate Intelligence already does. 

  • A review of the research from Popp, et al on biophoton emission: the body’s own field of information-encoded laser beams
  • Microtubules: The body’s fiber optic information network
  • Consciousness itself is most probably based on coherent light
  • The effect of coherent light on the cerebral cortex: a review of the literature
  • Information wave theory as it applies to human physiology and pain

III.   Introduction to PhotoBioModulation. A primer on Low Level Laser Therapy basics, safety and contraindications for those unfamiliar with it. A refresher for those with laser therapy experience. 

  • LLLT healing at the cellular level
  • What to look for when purchasing a Low Level Laser: how to see through the hype
  • Importance of wavelength, power, frequency, etc.
  • “Traditional” Low Level Laser Therapy Techniques
  • Importance of Dosage, power density, penetration in LLLT
  • What lasers work with CLRT. Hint: They all do.

IV. CLRT: How to perform the Technique.

  • Cranial palpation and landmarks
  • The importance of lasering the reflex in the right direction
  • The Basic Muscle Test: how to check for directional specificity
  • Identifying the different sources of  pain
  • How to hone in on the exact point on the cranium for the patient’s problem
  • Methods of Cranial Reflex Pathway (CRP) stimulation
  • AcupEncture: repetitive reflex percussion with an amazing tool you already have in your pocket

 V.   CLRT Protocols for Immediate Head/ Neck Relief and Functional Improvement. Here we begin the nitty gritty, nuts and bolts of the course. Each of the next five sections teaches the clinical elements of CLRT for a particular area of the body and the conditions commonly associated with it. Each CRP is shown in detail, along with the salient anatomical details about the muscle/vertebra/joint that it controls, as well as the associated organ that is connected to it.  

  • Review of muscular anatomy of head and neck
  • Headache Protocol (Migraine, tension, cervicogenic, etc)
  • Myofascial Cervicalgia : these 2 points in 10 seconds will reduce muscle tension by half  or more before you adjust!
  • Cranial reflexes for Cervical Subluxations: laser the right point and the bone practically adjusts itself.
  • TMD: this one CRP will make their jaws drop! Wide! And without pain!
  • Whiplash
  • Torticollis
  • The Million Dollar New Patient Exam Trick: or How to use your patient’s C5 Subluxation to make them instantly GET the chiropractic big idea! (And refer tons more patients to you!)

VI. CLRT Protocols for Immediate Upper Extremity Relief and Functional Improvement. Since most shoulder and elbow pain comes from abnormally functioning soft tissue anyway (IMHO), CLRT is perfect. It can relax the muscle tension and reduce the trigger points in seconds, and is painless for both doctor and patient.

  • Review of muscular/neural anatomy
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder pain
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • Tennis/Golfer’s elbow
  • Wrist pain/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 VII.       CLRT Protocols for Immediate Upper Back and Chest Pain Relief.

  • Upper Back Pain
  • Chest Pain (Non-Cardiac)
  • Cranial reflexes for Rib Subluxations

VIII.     CLRT Protocols for Immediate Low Back Pain Relief and Functional Improvement. This is a big one! Whether the pain is originating from subluxated lumbars or SI joints, deconditioned muscles, or hot discs, CLRT is a valuable addition to the chiropractor’s toolbox.

  • Cranial Reflexes for the muscles of the Low Back and Pelvis and Abdomen
  • Low back pain/Lumbar subluxations
  • Sciatica/ Herniated Discs
  • SI Joint Pain/SI joint subluxations
  • Abdominal/ Psoas pain.  

IX. CLRT Protocols for Immediate Lower Extremity Relief and Functional Improvement. The knee protocols alone are worth a million bucks. Maybe two.

  • Hip pain
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Leg/thigh pain/shin splints
  • Myriad types of  knee pain and dysfunction
  • Ankle/foot pain

X.   Special Clinical Applications

  • Why CLRT is perfect for Athletes on the Field or Courtside.
  • Case History Presentation from NAALT 2007: Post stroke muscle spasm of four years resolved with one minute of CLRT.
  • CLRT Research Presentation from NAALT 2008/Laser Florence 2009: The results of a double blinded RCT conducted by Dr. Nick Wise on teachers with chronic musculoskeletal pain: CLRT produced an average of 50% pain reduction in less than one minute.
  • Case History Presentation: Severe sciatica in failed back surgery patient resolved in one minute (without an adjustment) by lasering the L5 point at the top of the head.
  • Case History Presentation: Pain from a fractured rib reduced from a 9/10 to a 4/10 in 2 minutes. After 2 days, further improvement to a 2/10 reported.

XI. Cranial Adjusting Basics. By hand or with an Impulse/Arthrostim/Activator

  • How to incorporate simplified CLRT cranial adjusting protocols to further enhance your corrections.
  • Bonus:  A preview of the newest CLRT protocols for the final frontier: emotional and mental issues, stress disorders, ADHD, depression and more.

XII.       Hands On Practice/ Q & A

head of class

Dr. Wise teaching a CLRT seminar in London, England. October 2009