Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 10:00 AM CET
Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 5:00 PM CET

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Hotel Bad Homburg

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Mr. Deniz Orbay 
Elysium Europe S.A.R.L. 
+49 6171 7033596 

Elysium InfiPoints Workshop
(Bad Homburg, Germany / Jan 24-25, 2018)

Elysium is hosting a workshop on our point cloud solution, InfiPoints, to introduce how it can enhance the utilization of laser scanned point cloud data in engineering. This will include informative technical sessions by Elysium experts, special keynote speeches, networking and more!

Day 1 (Wed, Jan 24, 2018): Showcase Business Cases & Key Technologies

Day 2 (Thu, Jan 25, 2018): Technical Sessions & Hands-on Training


See below for keynote speakers! 
(Please note that it is subject to change.)

InfiPoints is designed to enhance your seamless point cloud utilization in engineering;

  • Rich selection of import / export options
  • Powerful pre-processing of scanned data
  • Semi-automatic CAD modeling from point cloud
  • Virtual simulation and analysis
  • Video creation

    and more!!

Keynote Speakers

Ms. Ulrike Böhme

Business Development, City of Oberursel

The City of Oberursel – just well connected!

The City of Oberursel is the new office location of Elysium in the well-connected FrankfurtRheinMain Area. The town is a dynamic business location, the seat of many successful companies and with a variety of highly qualified employment opportunities. Many well-known international companies are based here. The Digital Strategy of Oberursel is based on connecting the important service providers well. In the development-process “Oberursel City 2030” 3D-scans and adaptions could add value to planning and public relations.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Anderl

Technische Universität Darmstadt, Department of Computer Integrated Design

Digital Transformation – The Next Level

Digital transformation has become a key strategy for industrial enterprises. Although advanced information and communication technology (ICT) has been introduced since many years and digital data is managed professionally, industry is faced with new challenges exceeding state of the art ICT. The new approaches are strongly impacted by introducing interconnected and communicating cyber-physical systems (CPS) and aiming at a new level of value added processes enabling more flexibility and resilience simultaneously. In this context new business models are being established which strongly change the industrial enterprises.
In this presentation an overview about Industrie 4.0 is given and scenarios for the manufacturing industry are introduced as well as approaches to derive strategies for implementing the digital transformation in industry.

Mr. Oliver Bürkler

Senior Product Manager, Construction BIM/CIM FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG 

Enabling BIM for the broad industry
-How Digital Technologies will change the future of Digital Construction Planning-

“BIM is for experts only”. “Everybody knows that re-work will make it more expensive”. “Using as-built data is difficult and expensive”. “3D data is useless as it cannot be printed on paper”. “We always did it this way”. “While we are sending our avatars into virtual realities to meet our friends, the construction industry is still working like the Egyptians when they build their pyramids”. Those are only a few of the prejudices one hears when talking with people, inside and outside the AEC industry, about adopting new technologies. This presentation will demonstrate why this is not true and how using the latest reality data technologies will help to unleash BIM from the boundaries of design offices and 3D CAD experts. Capturing reality data has become so affordable, easy to use and fast that capturing every step of a construction is within everyone´s reach. Designing based on accurate and reliable as-built data has become easy and integrates smoothly into established BIM workflows. Continuous 3D monitoring and quality control can be accomplished at the construction site and helps to significantly reduce re-work cost and the time delays that come with it. Powerful cloud computing supports collaboration in global teams and makes up-to-date BIM data accessible to everybody along the building life cycle. And finally, latest advancements in performance and quality of visualizing 3D as-build data, combined with immersion technologies like VR and AR and linked to asset data bases are providing intuitive access  to owners, operators and users of a building.

Mr. Thomas Schock
Leica Geosystems GmbH


Digital Technologies for 3D Engineering

Change is constant. Our industries are constantly in motion. We are witnessing major technological advances driving the growth of digital reality solutions and reshaping our perception to better inform BIM, GIS and Plant processes. This presentation will review the past and present, look at the benefits of sensor fusion, and the way in which project lifecycles are impacted. Using real world examples, this presentation will demonstrate compelling, state-of the-art solutions that helps bridge the gaps of perception.

Dr. Kai Mecke
Application Service Manager, Outotec GmbH & Co. KG

Mr. Paul Scholl
Senior Project Engineer, Outotec GmbH & Co. KG


The Application of Point Clouds within Plant Engineering

Point clouds have arrived within plant engineering. Several Use-Cases emerge from the possibilities of details scanning techniques. A precondition for an effective application of point clouds is a sound process definition for the data handling and methods to secure data quality. With these preconditions met, the demand for surface models, feature and components recognition is already there.

Mr. Tom Greaves
Chief Marketing Officer, DotProduct LLC


InfiPoints DP on Mobile Devices

Mobile phones and tablets are now powerful enough for engineering computer vision computation.  Greaves will demonstrate the extraction of planes and cylinders from point clouds captured on the company's DPI-8X handheld 3D scanner using InfiPoints DP running on an Android tablet.  Use cases for handheld scanning with extracted vector data from InfiPoints will also be discussed.

Mr. Christian Emmer

prostep ivip Association 


3D Measurement Data Management as Key Enabler for digitalized Quality Assurance

“Digitization is a constant process in today's product development processes. Unfortunately, there are still many media breaks. Especially in the context of quality assurance, the master is often still the drawing on paper. The project group 3D Measurement Data Management of prostep ivip / VDA aims to establish a common interface definition, with which all information arising in measurement data management can be exchanged harmonized and vendor-independent between the participating tools. The benefits are the lossless gain of information by transferring the tolerance information from the PMI in the 3D product model, the ability to merge inspection results with the 3D model as input for VR/AR tools to show the deviations of the real product with regard to its 3D representation and to make the inspection data (TO-BE / AS-IS) available for all domains within the PLM.”