Indigenous Business Awards 

Nomination Guidelines


 What are the Indigenous Business Awards?

 The Indigenous Business Awards will recognize Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce members in various categories. Award nominees will:

  • Show outstanding achievements through exemplary contributions to the Aboriginal community in Manitoba.
  • Represent genuine commitment to the betterment of the Aboriginal community through demonstrated leadership and mentorship.


General Information

  • Nominee must be a member in good standing with the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce
  • Nominee must be operating in the province of Manitoba
  • Must be available to attend the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce Gala Awards on November 16th, 2016
  • A nominee cannot be nominated in more than one category
  • Neither the nominee nor the nominator may be a member of the ACC Board, Staff or Indigenous Business Awards Committee.
  • Consent to the nomination and the publication of her/their name, phone and information
  • Any individual, group or organization may act as a nominator
  • Incomplete nominations will not be accepted
  • Please retain a copy of the nomination form and materials for your record.
  • Nomination packages must be received by the deadline of October 31st 2016.
  • Nominations are accepting through hard copy only.


Award Categories

The Indigenous Business Awards recognize businesses in one of four categories. Please review the categories descriptions to decide which best suits the strengths of the nominee. 

    1.  Small or Medium Enterprise (1-50 employees)
    2. Larger Enterprise (50 plus employees)
    3. Youth Business
    4. Community Involvement

         Small or Medium Enterprise (1-50 employees)

        Must show proven support of Aboriginal people through employment

        Must show proven participation in the contribution of the local economy

        Large Enterprise (50+ employees)

        Must show proven support of Aboriginal people through employment

        Must show proven participation in the contribution of the local economy

        Youth Business Award

        The Youth Business Award recognizes a business that is currently in operation. The owner/operator of the business must be under the age of 35 year and the sole owner of the business and operating a minimum of two years.

        Community Award

        Must show proven contributions to the Aboriginal Community through the support of social or business programs either through financial, mentorship or leadership. The activities should also describe what and how the contribution can be measured through financial or capacity building outcomes.

        Nomination Package

        The nomination is submitted by submitting through an essay format. The information below describes how the selection committee will make its decisions on the finalists of the Awards. It is very important that each of the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions are outlined clearly and thoroughly,using as much detailed information as possible. When completing the nominations please keep in mind the following:

        1. Written nominations must be on 8.5” x 11” paper, double spaced, 12 point font, single-sided, no staples please.
        2. Essay should be written in third person format.
        3. Please provide specific examples of achievements and contributions that demonstrate how the nominee has impacted the community.
        • Explain how the nominee has made a contribution worthy of recognition from the business community
        • Describe how the nominee has made an important contribution to his/her career field.
        • What has the candidate done that has been acknowledged or has made an impact at a community  level?
        • How does this relate to his/her nomination for a Business Award?
        • Please describe any achievements, recognition, and awards received by the nominee.

        - Include on a separate sheet a reference list of two individuals within the community who  may testify how nominee has affected them and their community.
        - Include up to 2 letters of support from the community, not exceeding one page per letter. Letters  of support must be signed by the letter writer and clearly describe contributions.
        - In addition to the paper hard copy of package, forward a digital photo, with head and shoulders (675x900  pixels) for publication and introductory purposes to

        Nominees must sign the nomination form endorsing their support. 

        Include a half page company profile.

        Videos or Portfolios will not be accepted or returned if sent in error.



        • Completed Nomination Essay identifying category selection
        • Nominator’s name and signature
        • Nominee’s signature on Nomination Essay
        • Full Contact information for Nominator such as: Mailing address, telephone numbers and email address Twitter handle
        • Digital Photograph (please email to
        • Two letters of support
        • Nominee’s Resume
        • Written company profile


        The Selection Process

        The IMA’s Committee will review and identify three finalists per category. Award recipients will be announced at Gala Awards night on November 16th, 2016. Decision will be made solely on information provided in the Nomination Package. The Selection Committee reserves the right to withhold an award in any category. In the event of an unexpected number of nominations, the committee reserves the right to limit candidates in any award category. Nominators will be contacted within 3 weeks of the submission deadline date to confirm if the nominator has been identified as a finalist. One finalist per category will be announced as the winner at the Gala Awards night: November 16, 2016, RBC Convention Centre.


        Thank you for your nomination!