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Thursday September 20, 2012 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM EDT

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Washburn Lounge, Washburn Hall
Lesley University, Brattle Campus (printable map)
10 Phillips Place
Cambridge, MA 02138 

Note: Food and drink is available at the Cafe next to our meeting room for a reasonable price Sept-May.

Driving Directions 


Anticipatory Leadership: Applying Structural Dynamics to Strategic Issues Facing Organizations

 Anika Savage Michael Sales

With Anika Ellison Savage and Michael Sales, Ed.D.

The future is a very large, complicated, exciting and, sometimes, scary place!  To face the future with confidence organizations need to apply both logic and insight to strategy development.  In this highly interactive workshop, Art of the Future provides a framework which leaders at all levels can use to explore their thinking about big picture issues facing their organizations.  The presenters use climate change and its consequences to illustrate the Structural Dynamics approach.  Inevitably there is a wide range of views on this topic (or on any big issue) in leadership teams addressing issues critical to their future.  Frequently, this sort of divergence results in either polarization or avoidance.  Structural Dynamics engages these differing points of view to explore a wide range of plausible future scenarios.  The strategies that emerge are robust in any of these Future conditions.  Rather than paralysis and denial, the result is the ability of organizations to move confidently into their future.

 In this ODLG session, you will:

  • Explore your own thinking on a complex issue
  • Experience a powerful strategic frameworkto develop a comprehensive set of scenarios
  • Use this framework to facilitate collaborative, non-polarizing strategic conversations that lead to robust decisions on large, complex issues.

Join us on September 20 for a session designed to stretch your thinking and expand your capacity to lead dialogues on complex issues shaping an organization's future.

About Art of the Future

Art of the Future is a strategy consulting firm offering the Structural Dynamics approach to support Anticipatory Leaders shaping the future of Life-Sustaining Organizations.   Anika Ellison Savage and Michael Sales, Ed.D. are the founding principals of Art of the Future.

Anika is a noted futurist, strategist, published author, and speaker.   She integrates analysis, model building and creativity.   Anika has  worked in a range of industries as a business planner, strategist, researcher and consultant.

Michael is a skilled coach, program designer, educator, theorist and facilitator who combines a detailed knowledge of personal, group and organizational change technologies.  He has a broad background in business, entrepreneurship and education.

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