Thursday, May 2, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT
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CRM & Automation Revolution: Modernize Your Small Business to Increase Profits

We live in a world surrounded by technology, and if you manage a business you can take advantage of today’s digital technologies to help you save time in you various everyday work processes. Digital business automation is all about using software to automate the process you and your team do at work - saving you time and money on repetitive tasks. Assuming you’re already using at least some web-based software at work (Saas), you can automate many aspects of your accounting, sales, marketing, tech support, HR and many other others. In this presentation we’ll focus on the automation of your marketing and sales workflows.

The reality is that marketing automation is a simple idea, though one with wide variation in execution. It can be simple. It can be extremely complex. It’s done by huge companies. It’s done by one-person businesses. The goal is always the same, though: to automate previously complex marketing tasks so you can always send the right message to the right person at the right time. This includes the process of communicating with your customers and prospects automatically, and driving them along your sales funnel with the goal of converting them into paying clients - without doing the manual work normally required.

This workshop is designed to help marketers of any size business to understand the key elements of business automation, focused on and the fundamentals needed to automate many aspects of their marketing and sales processes.

What you’ll learn through this workshop

  • Learn what is business automation and how it can save you time (and money).
  • What marketing and sales automation is all about.
  • Core business and marketing automation concepts.
  • Understanding the difference between automated vs. manual processes.
  • What it takes to marketing in today’s modern world, and provide sample marketing and sales automation workflows.
  • The basics of how digital business automation works.
  • Benefits of automating your work processes.
  • 12 ways to save time and money in your sales and marketing tasks.
  • Learn about “Smart” and advanced automation workflows, for those looking for extra ways to optimize their existing e-mail marketing campaigns or automated workflows.
  • Learn what is a CRM and the various marketing automation tools available.
  • How to choose the best automation tools for your business
  • How to get started, an automation checklist.


Jaime Nacach is a digital marketing expert with an MBA in marketing and strategy, and 13+ years of marketing and graphic/web design experience. He is the owner/founder of Bloominari; an innovative digital marketing and creative agency consulting with brands of all sizes on marketing strategy, design and business automation. With over a decade of digital marketing under his belt, Jaime has strategized with clients all over the US and Mexico, including large corporations as well as small local businesses and startups.  When not consulting with Bloominari clients or hosting SCORE workshops, Jaime is creating content online and managing a blog at www.bloominari.com/blog that help small business owners understand and navigate through the complexity of today’s modern digital marketing and technology world.