Friday, January 24, 2020, from 9:00am to 12:00pm 

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8825 Aero Drive, Ste. 102

San Diego, CA 92123

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SCORE San Diego 

Create Your 15-Second "Sizzler" Elevator Speech

What’s Your “WOW” and How Can We Help?

How many times have you fumbled, or felt unsure or uncomfortable, when someone asks you what you do, or what you are creating?

Having a customized “WOW” (15 second Elevator Speech) conveys your focus, credibility and confidence - and denotes that you are on the way to success – whatever that means to you!

In this fun, highly experiential, collaborative workshop each participant will leave with a customized 15-20 second Elevator Speech that they feel really good about using because it clearly tells people:

  • who you work with - your ideal client(s)
  • the want, need or problem you can help them solve
  • the transformation you provide - how their lives will be different as a result of working with you!!

This invaluable “tool” will:

  • help you feel, and be, more confident and credible
  • allow a conversation to start so you can explain more about your offering(s)
  • encourage people to trust you as people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

A New Addition:

Each person will have time to ask for what they want/need next so we start really helping one another grow our dreams!


Olivia Maynard brings her rich and varied perspectives, energies, and skills as a 30+ year Corporate and Entrepreneurial Marketer and 18+ years as a Certified Business and Leadership Coach to small business owners and non-profit leaders ready for growth - who want to stand out by translating their unique passion and purpose into all of their marketing.

Her deep commitment to supporting each person’s endeavors assures that everyone she works with grows confidently, equipped with a solid foundation of self-mastery and easy-to-use tools so they truly create, grow, and prosper. Olivia strives to serve as a “practical idealist” blending heart and mind, intuition and analysis, fun and work together “to inspire and empower the best in each of us to co-create the best for all of us!”