Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 9:00am to 12:00pm

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SCORE San Diego 

Values-Based Selling

About the course: In business, absolutely nothing happens until a sale is completed.  A service or product alike, sales is the lifeblood of any company.  Even in our e-commerce economy, almost all companies must have a live representative to point out features and benefits to a pottential client when they contact you.  This course takes you through live exercises to help communicate with a potential client using a consumer friendly consultative approach not a "sales" pitch.

Hour 1 - The Purpose Statement

  • Individual introductions
  • What can you do for me?
  • “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” (the missionary attitude and approach).
  • Articulating and delivering your purpose statement.
  • What about you?
  • Conclusion - After Success Comes Significance”.

Hour 2 - Bilateral Communication

  • Conversation vs argument.
  • Earliest recorded communication challenges (Genesis 4:1-18, 11:1–9).
  • Military communication method.
  • The line drill.
  • The repetition strategy.
  • The repetition game.
  • Conclusion - “I hear you”.

Hour 3 - Scheduling and Dominating the Meeting

  • The phone call:
    • Introduction (verification and intro)
    • Curiosity (the idea tactic)
    • Options (the choice tactic)
    • Nailing (setting the meeting time)
    • Securing (repeating the scheduled agreement)
  • The meeting:
    • Ice breaker (compliment).
    • Circumstances (needs).
    • Assessment (solution).
    • Repetition (benefits, attributes, features).
    • Empathy (closing attempt).
  • Dealing with objections:
    • Acknowledgement (empathy)
    • Considerations (benefits, attributes, features)
    • Empathy (closing attempt)


Kurt Feddersohn is a residential mortgage broker/ banker and a California licensed real estate broker doing home loans in the state California since 1985. At one point in his career, he had the responsibility to hire,  train, manage and motivate 35 loan officers to have successful careers. In 2003 Kurt started a direct mail company specializing in lead generation for the real estate and mortgage industry. He sold his company in 2005 but still utilizes direct mail to this day.

Tibi Zohar began his career as a financial professional as a life insurance agent in Israel at the age of 19, while serving in the Israel Defense Forces. By age 21 he has already been promoted to Branch Manager, and by 23 to Regional Sales Director.

Tibi has been teaching sales since 1983, when he served as a coach at the Dale Carnegie Tel Aviv office. A coach, a mentor, and a motivational speaker at national and international industry conferences.