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2020-2021 All-Star Workshop Sanctions 

Sanctions are required for all USAJR sponsored Workshops, Open Tournaments, and Clinics. 

I. Purpose of USAJR Sanctioning for an All-Star Workshop/Event:

The purpose of sanctioning USAJR events is to ensure the quality of events that are governed by USAJR for all participants and coaches. This All-Star Sanction provides a Level II Sanction for advertisement, General Liability Insurance coverage, gym rental costs, All-Star travel expenses and all on-site logistics and expenses required to host a successful All-Star Event. There is no Sanction Fee to host an All-Star Workshop.

II. Sanctioning Guidelines for Level II Sanctioning:

A. USAJR Sanctions must be secured through  the USAJR Office for all All-Star Workshops, Staff in Training, Level I (SIT), and All-Star Private Lessons.

B. Any USAJR adult member who meets the following criteria may make a request for Sanction to searve as the Local Host Team (LHT):

1. Is atleast 18 years of age

2. Is a current member of USAJR

3. Is in good standing with USAJR

4. Is certified to act as the host of the event for which the Sanction request is made

5. Is not in a schedule conflict with any USAJR Sanctioned event

C. A request for a Sanction Form must be copleted and retured to the Office three months in advance of the event. 

D. The LHT contact whose name appears on the request must sign the sanction form request. 

E. It is the responsibility of the LHT contact to:

1. Secure the facility to be used for the event at a resonable price (price to be approved by USAJR)

2. Assist USAJR in identifying local hotel(s) for lodging for participants

3. Set up host homes for All-Stars and SITs as needed

4. Assist with transportation to and from the airport and venue for the All-Stars

5. LHT team will recieve a percentage of the profit after expenses based on the number of workshop participants: 1-80 - 15%; 81-100 - 20%; 101+ - 25%

6. LTH team is able to sell concessions and team merchandise as a fund raiser for the event

7. Set up All-Star performances the Friday before the workshop begins

8. Assure that all USAJR rules and policies are strictly adhered to

F. USAJR will sell USAJR merchandise for the event. USAJR has staff on-site at some events or board member volunteers to run the merchadise booth. If USAJR is unable to have their merchandise table staffed, we offer the host team the choice of overseeing the sale of USAJR merchandise and will provide the host team 25% of the total merchandise sold.