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891 Laguna Canyon Rd
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Seven -Degrees was developed as a forward thinking multi-purpose "Idea lab" for artistice endeavors. The facility's primary goal is to incorporate the creation and exhibition of orginal artwork and concepts with an innovative events venue, providing an atmosphere that creates an ideal meeting place for businesses with thier eye on the future.

Driving Directions

Hotels                                                                           Inn At Laguna Beach                                                  

211 N Coast Highway  866.979.9401 Mention Stages at {7-degrees} and get a 15% discount on your room.

Ayers Hotels Laguna Woods                                    

24341 El Toro Rd   949.588.0131

Surf and Sand Resort                                                

1555 South Coast Highway   888.869.7569

Montage Laguna Beach                                                

30801 South Coast Highway   866.271.6953


Santa Ana Orange County 14 miles                          

Long Beach Airport 33 miles                                       

Los Angeles Airport 53 miles                                      

San Diego Airport 72 miles


Want To Be the Next Industry Icon? 

One of the common challenges within the industry is getting to the platform status educator.  It takes time, diligence and a knowledge that you may not have the skills for.  This is something that isn’t taught in school or even by the well-known educational brands. STAGES 3 day certification training will provide you the knowledge and knowhow to raise the bar and deliver authentic and meaningful content that will bring an audience to their feet.

What you will learn:

  • Effective communication and presentation skills that are remembered
  • Creating a connection with your audience on an emotional level
  • Facilitating and leading groups large and small
  • How to brand yourself and market YOU  as an educator
  • Confidently  express yourself to elicit action in others
  • Lastly, applying the skills of what you have learned to your life

Whether you are just starting in the industry or have been an educator for several years, you’ll get at least 3 big insights and practical actions you can use immediately to be more in control of your career, make more money and give yourself a name in the industry.

AlejandraAlejandra Crisafulli- As the Master Coach and founder of Life Creations Education, Alejandra brings over 16 years of business management experience, masters of metaphysical sciences, and a proven track record for enhancing her clients’ lives and circumstances.  Throughout her tenure, she has coached over 1,200 clients and trained in front of 100's of others, giving each individual the tools and means to become successful in their lives.


bonnieBonnie Bonadeo- President of The Beauty Agents Speaker Bureau & Beauty Goorus Consulting, Bonnies 25 + years in the beauty industry has dubbed her the go to person for connecting people to programs and products with the purpose and passion to elevate the beauty industry.


Together, with their new venture, Alejandra and Bonnie will masterfully direct and guide the next level of talent to take the stage!

When: Coming Soon-Spring 2013                                                                                                Where: Seven-Degrees, Laguna Beach CA                                    ONLY  $549.00 per person                                                                Special discount of 20% for 2 or more registering.

STAGESit’s time for you to step up!