Wednesday, June 28, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT
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Remington Range at Adventure Outdoors 
2500 South Cobb Dr.
Smyrna, GA 30080

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IDPA is a shooting sport that simulates self-defense scenarios and real life encounters

The primary mission of the club is to promote the goals of the International Defensive Pistol Association IDPA at the local level. They are focused on individuals whose primary interest is in honing their safe gun handling and defensive shooting skills in a practical competition environment that requires the use of practical handguns and equipment more typically utilized with concealed carry.

One of the unique facets of this sport is that it is geared toward the new or average shooter, yet is fun, challenging and rewarding for the experienced shooter. The founders developed the sport so that practical gear and practical guns may be used competitively. Testing the skill and ability of the individual, not equipment or gamesmanship. “Competition only” equipment is not permitted in this sport. An interested person can spend a minimal amount on equipment and still be competitive.

We run a “cold” range during matches (guns are unloaded, magazine out, and hammer down except while firing), and require that we enforce a 180-degree rule; The muzzle of your gun must remain pointed down-range at all times, and cannot cross an imaginary line drawn straight across the range parallel to the backstop.

Required Equipment

  • Handgun (Concealed-carry guns only – No competition-type guns) For specific equipment rules, see the Equipment section of the IDPA Equipment & Competition Rule Book at the Official IDPA Web Site.  Commissioned police and law enforcement officers and active-duty military personnel may use their standard-issue duty gear.
  • Hip holster
  • Three magazines or speed-loaders
  • Double magazine pouch, two single mag pouches, or two speed-loader holders
  • 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Cover garment (Not always required, but bring one)

With only a $15 event fee, this is great cost effective way to improve your shooting and self defence skills. 

This match is limited to 30 registrants.  

If you are a new shooter please arrive a 1/2 hour prior to the start of the match to get the new shooters briefing and so we can answer any questions you might have about the match and sport. Please ask to speak with the Match Director (MD)