Friday August 6, 2021 / 9 AM to 5 PM

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1268 Fayette County Park Rd,
Fayetteville, WV 25840

(turn off from Route 16, 5 miles outside Fayetteville)

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Try This West Virginia


 We are so very sorry to have to say that the Try This Conference is cancelled due to a big spike in COVID19 in Fayette County. Stay safe - and if you can convince somebody to get vaccinated, do it.

Give yourself a gift: a beautiful day in a beautiful park with a great bunch of people!

 August 6: 9 AM - 5 PM

 Join us at Fayette County Park for a magical one-day conference of trading ideas, networking, inspiration, and just catching up! Imagine 50 people doing tai chi on that field!

 If you're working for a healthier West Virginia, this gathering is for you!

Here's the list of breakout sessions! Youth adventure, substance abuse prevention, local leadership development and an array of "how-to" sessions


You'll be part of an idea-packed, inspiring Friday with other West Virginians who are doing great things in their communities. Trade ideas ~ join forces ~ get inspired ~ have fun ~ find partners ~ plan next steps ~ help build a statewide movement!  Special spotlight on Fayette County!

A chance to network, see old friends, meet new ones.  We've made it through a long pandemic year. The sessions at this gathering are set up to help us regroup, recharge, and refocus.

*  COVID-19 sensitive agenda. We can't have the Try This conference as usual, with big indoor sessions. This smaller conference will be held at a lovely, shady outdoor park (8 acres cleared and 350 acres) with sessions spread out in picnic shelters. Attendence will be limited to 200.

* Inspiring breakout sessions. The Fayette County location lets us spotlight some of the area's most outstanding programs. We'll  emphasize outdoor youth programs, leadership skills, physical activity as a tool in lowering risk of subtance abuse - and an array of "how-to-do-it" activities.

* Active fun on a big, open greenYou'll have a chance to sample a variety of activities that might find a home in your community: tai chi, running, yoga, disc golf, biking, plus standup paddleboard in the pond.

* Welcoming atmosphere:  The "Talk with strangers" rule will be in full force. Old-time music will drift across the fields. Fresh, food will be pre-packaged locally. A shuttle will be available for those who want a lift from shelter to shelter. 

* Scholarships available! Try This makes sure registration cost does not keep people from attending. Scholarships are awarded on basis of need, to allow young people and people on limited incomes to attend. Apply for an individual scholarship or a group scholarship 

Youth activities! Young people from 14 - 18 are encouraged to attend and participate. Younger children must be accompanied at all times by parents/guardians.

* Lodging.  We're not at a college this year, so everybody is making their own arrangements.  We have checked out local motels, hotels and campgrounds and have put together a helpful chart.  We encourage you to check your favorite online lodging services (Experia, Travelosity, etc.) to see if you can get a better price. Sometimes you can. If you like to camp, we have some good options for you!  


Cost is $65 - including all activities, a T-shirt and meal - a great deal! Registration closes August 2nd. After that, it's pay-at-the-door. All proceeds go into the Try This minigrant fund. Your attendance helps Try This keep going!

Consider making it a Southern WV weekend! Friday, go to Try This, then Saturday and Sunday, choose from many area attractions: kayaking, rafting, climbing, hiking ... and the new national park! 

See discounts and special events in Fayette County here.  Details will be sent to people who have registered.

Here are lists of area attractions: at https://visitwv.comand https://visitfayettevillewv.com/