we must keep fighting!

In 2019 The Housing Stability & Tenant Protections Act (HSTPA) passed, and everyone in the New York multifamily industry was caught off guard. This legislation didn't pass because we lost a legislative fight or because we didn't have public support; this was passed because we weren't at the table while conversations were going on.

Our industry was invited, but no one showed up. For years our industry has liked to be in the background and not really get involved in advocacy matters. We watched as they slowly passed more and more laws until HSTPA finally passed and then we finally woke up. In 2020, we all marched to the Capital Building in Albany and hosted a phenomenal Lobby Day and started finding our voice.

We have continued to find our voice and unfortunately, our industry doesn't have the luxury of sitting back in silence anymore. We are under attack from laws such as HSTPA, the Eviction Moratorium, ERAP, and now Good Cause Eviction.