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Saturday, October 29, 2022 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM CDT
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First Baptist Church of Ferguson
333 N Florissant
Ferguson, MO 63135

Driving Directions


Lynne Jackson, President & Founder
The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

Dred Scott Reconciliation
Conference 2022 

All of the events in history are important and although they may not seem like it at the time, when the information is known and somehow crosses another story, it is often most amazing how they "run into each other."

That is called Synchronicity.

Join us for a storytelling time of how Sons and Daughters of enslaved and slavers have met in this day and age around unexpected and unplanned circumstances to be the people of this generation to fulfilll the hopes and aspirations of their ancestors.  In some cases, to courageously undo the difficult circumstances that some ancestors helped create.

Matt Lockett and Will Ford III had such an encounter and their story surrounds the undoing of things their ancestors prayed about and they are engaged in during our life time.

Hear the fascinating story of the old kettle pot and how it is bringing lives together
in an unprecedented way to fulfill the wishes of those who owned it many
years ago!

There is a tie to the life of Matt Lockett and Bertram Hayes-Davis that brings us full circle from the actions of the  past to the decisions of the present.

All of these stories surround the echoing effects of the Dred Scott Decision which story is constantly updating as the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation continues is research and outreach.

In 2022, Pastor Jim Goforth returned to St. Louis from Germany to lead the First Baptist Church of Ferguson in their new season of hope.  Jim is a consumate reconciler and we are thrilled to welcome him home.

We are honored to present our most sought after guests and another awe inspiring conference. Moderated by our Reconciliation Chairman, Brenda Young, this promises to be a day you won't want to just hear about but experience.

Our 2022 Conference features our newest members of
Dred Scott Presents: Sons and Daughers of Reconciliation. 


Matt Lockett and Will Ford III
Co-founders of DreamStreamCo and
Co-authors of The Dream King

Bertram Hayes-Davis                                            Lynne M. Jackson
Great-great Grandson of                                       Great-great Granddaughter of
Confederate. Pres. Jefferson Davis                      Harriet and Dred Scott
Founder of Vicksburg Old Town Tours                  Founder of the Dred Scott Heritage Fdtn


Brenda Young, Moderator                                           Pastor Jim Goforth, Host 
DSHF Director                                                             Pastor of First Baptist Church of Ferguson
Founder of Apostolic Women STL                               Dred Scott Reconciliation Conf. Committee
Conference Details:

Date:    Saturday, October 29, 2022

Time:    8:30 a.m. Registration
             9:00 a.m. Morning Session
            11:30 a.m. Lunch and Optional Working Session
            12:15 p.m. Afternoon Session
              2:00 p.m. Closing

Place:   First Baptist Church of Ferguson  
             333 N. Florissant Rd., St. Louis, MO  63135
             Free parking on the North side of the building

 Cost:  $50 (Lunch included)


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