Tuesday, March 2, 2021 from 7:30 PM to 9:45 PM EST
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Judy Onorato

A&C NEWBIE - Own Your Uniqueness - Tuesday Evening 

The NEWBIE class is a prerequisite to join regular Align & Clear meetings. You receive the activation of Inner Influencing to clear limiting beliefs. Clear cycles of frustration, self-criticism and blame related to procrastination. It just might be that the timing is off. We will take a look this month with numerology. Join us to clear the blocks!

What is the Newbie Class? 

This Newbie class serves as your first taste, a full experience of what you can expect and a graceful way to join regular meetings. You will be introduced to, and activated to use the Inner Influencing Technique used to clear subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and experience the benefits first hand.

This is a wonderful way for you to try out Align & Clear, connect with wonderful women, see if it resonates, and that it is right for you and your business. 

Why you would want to attend 

With the newbie class completed, you’re open and ready to join any regular meeting and experience the synergy and magic that happens, especially on a regular basis.  Fill up, and share time with ‘kindred spirits’ - other spiritually open women who are kind and entrepreneurial just like you.

Come and form new alliances, potentially find joint venture partners and experience your business and life running more smoothly. Networking and business opportunities come naturally with authentic relationship-building.

Your value and the value of your business grows stronger. The obstacles that are in your way are lifted, and your business and life starts to run more smoothly.


What to expect

This class takes place on Zoom.

  • Introductions - Getting to know each other

  • The framework and design of Align & Clear

  • Who it’s for and some examples of success

  • Align & Clear - where it came from and where it’s heading.

  • Anita and Judy - what we bring to the table.

  • Inner Influencing is a powerful subconscious tecnique, similar to other energy psychology techniques like EFT/Tapping. It is very effective in clearing subconsious blocks. In this NEWBIE class you will be give a full explanation of Inner Influencing and you will receive your own activation to use the process.

  • Experience Discussions, Mastermind, Block Clearing and Opening to Success.

Having experienced the teachings, discussion and subconscious clearings, you will be fully ready to attend our regular meetings with the choice of daytime or evening. We cover a wide range of topics, a new one each month - everything from Identity and Value, Money and Communicating, to Leadership and Recognition, and many more.