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JCTC: 110 West Chestnut Louisville KY, 40202 
110 West Chestnut Street
Louisville, KY 40202

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Jackie Ralston 
Seven Counties Services 

Community Collaboration for Children "It Takes a Village: Keeping Kids Safe in Our Community" 

Please join us for the 4th Annual CCC Prevent Child Abuse Conference sponsored by the Community Collaboration for Children Network for Child Safety. This free event includes complimentary breakfast, lunch and parking. Adults only please, no childcare provided. Parking lot is accessed on 2nd street between Broadway and Chestnut.



Training Descriptions:

CyberSafety 101: The CyberSafety 101 program is designed to educate adults on the safe and responsible use of information and communication technology with children. The program will focus on: (1) how to keep information safe and secure (2) setting boundaries, (3) signs of grooming, (4) using good "netiquette" and (5) Kentucky Sexting Statues.

The Role of Play in Strengthening Families: Using the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework, we will discuss the role of play in building parental resiliency and social connectedness, parental knowledge of child devleopment and building a child's social and emotional competency. We will highlight the research around play and discuss what families can do at home and in their community to bring more play in thier lives.

Connect the Dots - Reduce Challenging Behaviors by Encouraging the Positve: Connect the Dots highlights four steps to address challenging behaviors. The four steps encompass both the "well-being" and the "well-doing" of children to ensure strong social and emotional skills. This workshop will provide a brief overview of all four Dots with a strong focus on Dot 2: Encourage Positive Behaviors. This trainig is for anyone who works with children ages two to five years old.

The Connection Between Intimate Partner Violence & Child Maltreatment: Intimate partner violece (IPV) is found in approximately 55% of KY households with substantiated cases of maltreatment. Attendees will learn about common dynamics of IPV, how children are impacted, how these dynamcis often go hand-in-hand with child maltreatment and techniques for preventing child maltreatment when working with families.

ACES and Child Resilience: Film Resiliency: The workshop reviews how adverse experiences in childhood impair social functioning, reduce indicators of well-being and increase biomedical disease. Screening of the film "Resiliency."

Adolescent Substance Abuse: This training will focus on identifying signs and symptoms of adolescent substance use, behaviors that put adolescents at risk for substance use and prevention tips for parents and family members.

4 Your Child: Dads making the Difference: This workshop will present the findings from a study that examined parenting priorities among mothers and fathers. The results revealed that mothers and fathers have different priorities with regard to their beliefs about the roles of fathers. This workshop will also discuss the implications for fathers' access to and involvement with thier children.

The Nurturing Parenting Center: Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement: CARE is a field-initiated modification of the evidence-based Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). During this 1.5 hour workshop, participants will learn skills to help build good relationships with children, improve communication with all children, improve a child's willingness to comply and help children improve social skills.

Human Trafficking & the Relationship to Early Childhood Sexual Abuse: Through lecture and interactive discussions, this session will establish a clear picture of what human trafficking is and what it is not, provide a basis of understanding of its root causes and effects and give examples of the warning signs. Additionally, it will attempt to explain the overwhelming prominence of early childhood sexual abuse reported by the victims of human trafficking and how they are related.

Child-Directed Play and Positive Discipline Strategies: This training will assist participants with basic knowledge in how to identify positive discipline tools that will help build social and emotional skills for children, identify positive discipline techniques that can increase healthy social and emotional development and learn the basic concepts for using child-directed play to build relationships with young children.

Internet Crimes against Children: Kentucky Trends: This presentation will provide an overiview of internet crimes committed against Kentucky's children. Lieutenant Murrell will utilize Kentucky cases investigated by the Kentucky State Police Electronic Crimes Branch to educate participants on current trends in Kentucky. Participants will learn to recognize, prevent and report online predator behavior.

Darkness to Light Stewards of Children: Darkness to Light Stewards to Children provides tools to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. This training approaches the difficult topic of child sexual abuse in a way that is empowering, not fear-focused or depressing. It uses a practical, five-step approach to prevention and response that enables adults to protect the children in their lives and youth-serving organizaitons.

Suspicicious Injutires in Children: This workshop will cover the recognition, documentation and interpretation of physical injuries as well as natural diseases that mimic abusive trauma.

Substance Abuse Affected Infants: The workshop will present information on the relationship between substance use disorder in pregnant and parenting women and the risk to their children. The session will cover information on substance affected infants, Adverse Childhood Expereinces and Kentucky's pilot project focusing on responsding to the needs of these women, their chidlren and families.

Protective Factors: Kentucky Strengthening Families ( KYSF) is a statewide initiatve to improve outcomes for young children and families. KYSF has six protective factors that can be used in any setting serving children and families, typically without making hughes changes in daily practice. The Youth Thrive protective factors framework empahsizes protective factors as a pathway to well-being during adolescense and in the transition to adulthood.

Mangaing Difficult Childhood behaviors at Home and at School: Learn about strategies to avoid incidents of challengng behaviors in home and school settings. Possible motives will be examined to assist caregivers in determining the most effective interventions. Preventive guidelines for arranging the home and school environments, setting expectations and encouraging postive behaviors will be discussed.

Preventing Child Sexual abuse in Youth Serving Organizations: Summer camps, colleges/universities, athletic organizations, faith communities and other youth- serving organizations all have a duty to ensure the children they servce are safe while under their care. Topics covered in this training include: recognizing and reporting child abuse, streatgies for screening and selecting employees and volunteers, strategies for ensuring safe enviornments and others.

CPS Wellness Check- From Begining to End: This workshop will give community partners and families a better understanding of CPS. We will look at when to make a report, the various ways to make a report and acceptance criteria for a report. We will then discuss what happend once a report is accepted and answer questions regarding policy questions.

The Philospohy and Practices of Nurturing Parenting: Nurturing Parenting is a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of raising children in a warm,caring and trusting home that guides them to be respectful, caring and copperative. The training explores the seven principles of nurturing parenting, the use of drum circles to help develop trust and the benfits of Tai Chi to enhance mental health.

My Life My Choice:   My Life My Choice is a nationally acclaimed curriculum aimed to change girl's perceptions of the commerical sex industry. This seminar wil focus on what My Life My Choice is, how to use the curriculum, and outcomes of the curriculum implemntatation throughtout the state of Kentucky.

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