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Tuesday September 4, 2012 at 8:00 AM MDT
Friday September 7, 2012 at 5:00 PM MDT

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Sheraton Cavalier Hotel 
2620 - 32 Ave N.E
Calgary, AB T1Y 6B8

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2012 Legacy of Excellence Conference 

Are you looking to invest in your career, your personal development and your life by attending a comprehensive, world class training event but, are frustrated by the lack of comprehensive law enforcement focused conferences in Canada?

If so, the Legacy of Excellence Conference is for you. This is a one of a kind conference designed to provide Canadian law enforcement professionals with the opportunity to learn from the top law enforcement trainers in North America.  

When you attend the 2012 Legacy of Excellence Conference you will experience four days of life changing, and possibly live saving training delivered by some of the professions leading authorities.

In just four days you will learn:

  • Keys to understanding Leadership is a Verb from someone who has lived it as a law enforcement officer, supervisor and commander and as a special forces soldier and commander. 

  • How you can experience a major event or trauma in your life and go on to overcome obstacles and objections to achieve excellence personally and professionally. 

  • Strategies for developing the discipline of staying positive in a high profile and challenging profession. You will discover how you can choose to enjoy your career, your family and your life by realizing that you have “Response Ability.” 

  • Strategies to excel in law enforcement by developing effective communication skills necessary to succeed in all areas of the profession. 
  • The Truths of the Human Animal and the Principles of Interaction in order to successfully deal with victims, suspects, criminals and even fellow officers. 
  • Winning on the street by becoming proficient at understanding the words and reading the body of those determined to do you harm. 
  • Better detect pre-attack indicators and deceptive behavior as well as enhance your ability to de-escalate a variety of situations. 
  • How to recognize and correct communication weaknesses In order to build rapport and avoid citizen complaints.
  • Current issues of interest in police use of force and how they relate to operational, tactical, medical, legal and administrative use of force concerns for active law enforcement officers and trainers. 
  • Emerging threats to line officers such as officer complacency, spontaneous assaults, edged weapons, multiple assailants and firearm assaults. 
  • Playing “by the rules” – the use of reasonable force when dealing with an unreasonable adversary.
  • Use of force reporting and its importance to your physical and legal survival.
  • Practical strategies, solutions and tools to assist in the process of becoming, and assisting others to become a better leader. 
  • The art, science and practice of coaching and how it can dovetail with mentoring, training, counseling and leadership strategies for the benefit of individuals as well as agencies. 
  • Important lessons learned from two of North America's most high profile active killer incidents.  
  • How you can effectively stopped school shootings before they happened. 
  • Simple strategies for tapping into the power of the subconscious mind to help a family member, a friend, a co-worker or anyone else who has been injured at home or on the job. 

  • Simple, powerful strategies and tangible skills you can put into practice immediately, both in person and by email, to be enhance communications and avoid some common communication pitfalls. 

You could spend months of your life and thousands of dollars travelling around North America to learn from the experts who will be presenting at the Legacy of Excellence Conference, or you can invest four days and $527.00 dollars and attend the 2012 Legacy of Excellence Conference in Calgary. 

When you attend the Legacy of Excellence Conference you will learn from top law enforcement trainers in Canada and the U.S. including:

  • Randy Watt - Retired Assistant Chief of Police and S.F. Lt. Colonel.
  • Dan Marcou - Decorated SWAT officer, negotiator and acclaimed author. 
  • Jim Glennon - Retired police Lt. and acclaimed author and trainer.
  • Joel Johnston - 27 year police officer, veteran trainer and Use of Force Expert. 
  • James Burke - Law enforcement, trainer and hostage negotiator. 
  • Bill Mikaluk - Veteran police officer, trainer and performance coach. 
  • Mike Antonelli - Veteran law enforcement officer and SWAT officer. 
  • Brian Willis - Veteran officer, trainer and 2011 Law Officer Trainer of the Year. 
  • Dan Fraser - Veteran law enforcement officer, trainer and speaker. 

The price of the conference includes coffee and lunch every day. 

Space is limited so register now to reserve your place at the 2012 Legacy of Excellence Conference.