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Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM PDT

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This is an online event.



Saturday September 12, 2020  10am to 2pm

Clearing the 10 Fields

Radiant Heart Qigong

This Integrating Qigong/Neigong practice brings together awareness and direct experience of the 10 energetic fields of the human being. The knowledge of the 3 Centers from the Daoist understanding of human Energy Anatomy, comes together with the 7 centers of the Chakra system in a practice that vitalizes and clarifies the subtle matrix of our energy body and helps to reset the nervous system and refreshes body, mind/emotions and spirit.

This is an embodied meditation practice – not a visualization.

Supporting skills are included that enhance and augment the essential qigong practice of Clearing the 10 Fields.

This practice builds internal coherence and opens to a natural resonance of well-being that can be carried into our lives.

The session is recorded for registered participants to review, and there is a high-quality video of the practice to reference as you develop your practice and skill.

All online – Saturday September 12th 2020 10AM to 2Pm (PDT) with one-hour lunch break.

Please join us for this extraordinary restorative and vitalizing depth day session!

You are warmly invited and welcome!

About the Daylong online:

Be sure to sign on 5 minutes early with the secure Zoom link you will receive with your registration.

There are (2) 90 minute sessions with and hour break in between.

The session will be recorded for your review. 

There will be time for Q & A:

Questions can be submitted via "chat" during the session and the break. 

If you have other questions you can submit them confidentially to    ~   we will respond after the daylong.

Teja Fudo Myoo Bell