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In addition to all of the other membership benefits, we are adding members-only prize drawings offered throughout the year. 



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National Native American Law Enforcement Association



NNALEA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 in Washington, D.C.  The mission of the NNALEA is to promote and foster mutual cooperation between American Indian Law Enforcement Officers/Agents/Personnel, their agencies, tribes, private industry and public.

Over the years NNALEA has focused its efforts and resources in the American Indian Community in areas of law enforcement training, border safety, human resources and job creation

NNALEA also uses its membership to promote and support the continuing of education of young men and women pursuing law enforcement careers in Indian Country.  In the past, NNALEA has sponsored training programs and also provided financial assistance to students entering the field of law enforcement.

Our Objectives

  • To provide media for the exchange of ideas and the new techniques used by both criminals and investigators 

  • To conduct training seminars, conferences, and research into educational methods for the benefit of American Indians in the law enforcement profession 

  • To keep the membership and public informed of current statue changes and the judicial decisions as they relate to the law enforcement community

  • To establish a network and directory consisting of Native American enforcement officers/agents/employees

  • To provide technical and/or investigative assistance to Association members within the various aspects of law enforcement investigations

  • To promote a positive attitude towards law enforcement in the American Indian community and other communities

  • To provide a support group for Native American officers/agents/employees in a field through the utilization of a national organization


We are looking forward to an exciting year for 2023 in NNALEA! 

As a valued member of the National Native American Law Enforcement Association you will be kept current with the latest news and updates on issues that affect the Native American law enforcement community.