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Saturday November 5, 2016                  12:00 PM to 4:00 PM 

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Participating Benson Locations: 

  • Beercade (6104 Maple)
  • Benson Brewery (6059 Maple)
  • Full House (6135 Military Ave)
  • Infusion Brewing Co. (6115 Maple)
  • Jake's Cigars and Spirits (6206 Maple)
  • Musette Bar (6020 Maple)
  • Petshop Gallery (2727 N. 62nd St)
  • Reverb Lounge (6121 Military Ave)
  • St. Andrews Pub (6102 Maple)
  • The Sydney (5918 Maple)


Benson Barstool 
UCP of Nebraska

Ready for some putt-putt?  Join us for the 3rd Barstool Open in downtown Benson!  

This event for charity is not your ordinary minigolf experience, it's actually MORE fun and MORE exciting...it's an absolute riot!  Ten participating locations will create putting obstacles for your enjoyment.

Putters, balls & scorecards included.                                                                           Put your FOREsome together today!

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 Must be 21 to participate                                                                                 SAFE ride home offered within city limits until 8:00pm                                     No dress code - costumes are welcome!

Early Bird Registration is September 18-October 16                                       *$160 for a team of four players ($130 is tax deductible)                                      October 17-October 30                                                                                      *$180 for a team of four players ($150 is tax deductible)