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Saturday, June 9th & Sunday, June 10th

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Stages Repertory Theatre 
3201 Allen Parkway
Entrance on Rosine, btwn D'Amico & Allen Parkway
Houston, TX 77019

Driving Directions 

The Alliance Auditions 

On Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, June 10, 2012, the Houston Theatre Alliance will host a general audition for adult actors.  Auditions are by appointment only.  Representatives from all theater companies will be in attendance, and you will be auditioning for all at the same time.    

REGISTRATION FEE:  A $5 non-refundable Houston Theatre Alliance Membership fee is required to all non-equity actors who register to audition.  Members of Actor's Equity Association do not have to pay this fee.  If you are a member of Actor's Equity, please email for a link to the Equity registration form.

PARTICIPATING THEATRES:  (as of June 8, 2012)

  • A.D. Players
  • Back Porch Players
  • Big Head Productions
  • Bit Of A Stretch Theatre Company
  • Black Lab Theatre*
  • Celebration Theatre
  • Classical Theatre Company*
  • Company Onstage
  • Country Playhouse
  • Dionysus Theatre
  • Edge Theatre
  • Ensemble Theatre*
  • Express Theatre
  • Fort Bend Theatre
  • Generations, A Theatre Company*
  • Horse Head Theatre Company*
  • Houston Grand Opera
  • HFAC (Houston Family Arts Center)
  • Houston Shakespeare Festival*
  • Interactive Theatre
  • Katy Visual & Performing Arts Center
  • Landing Theatre Company*
  • Lanfour Productions*
  • Main Street Theater*
  • Mildred's Umbrella*
  • Morningstar Theatrical Productions
  • NightCap Theatre
  • Red Door Theatre Company
  • Stages Repertory Theatre*
  • Standing Room Only Productions
  • Stark Naked Theatre Company*
  • Stories In Motion
  • Talento Bilingue de Houston
  • Texas Repertory Theatre*
  • The Arts Center
  • The Catastrophic Theatre*
  • Thunderclap Productions
  • Unity Theatre* (in Brenham)

*Companies that can hire Equity Actors


•Actors must be 18 years of age or older.

•Actors will have TWO MINUTES TOTAL to perform, strictly enforced. You may use your time however you like. Common choices are to do two very short contrasting selections, or one longer piece of contrasting nature (serious/comic or classic/contemporary, for example). You may also choose to sing in addition to your monologue(s) as long as you do not exceed the two minute time frame.  If you choose to sing, you will need to sing acapella - an accompanist or piano will not be provided.

•Please be prepared to bring approximately 45* copies of your headshot with your resume trimmed to size and glued or stapled to the back (i.e., both items facing outward; do not put them in folders or plastic sleeves, do not include reviews or video/audio tapes).

*The number of headshots may change, due to the amount of Theatre companies participating.  You will be notified how many copies to bring when your receive your scheduled appointment time.  Make certain that your contact phone number (home or mobile, but not your agent’s) is on your resume and is correct.


Auditions will take place at Stages Repertory Theatre.  You will have 2 minutes on stage to use as you like.  Two chairs will be provided for your use. On the day of your audition, bring your headshots/resumes with you. Upon arriving at Stages, check in with the audition coordinator at least fifteen minutes before your appointment.

At the time of your audition, state your name and your monologue selection(s) (play and character only). Do not give background or "set the scene." There are chairs in the audition space that you may use but it is recommended that you do not bring additional props.

Timing:  As noted above, you have up to 2 minutes to use at your discretion.  You may do any combination of pieces not to exceed 2 minutes.   The timekeeper starts the clock when you begin your piece; your introduction (name—play—character) is not part of the 2 minute limit.  Be aware, however, that if your piece involves silent action before the first word is spoken, the clock will be running. 

Please be early for your audition. If you miss your appointment, you will not be worked in. We will make every effort to stay on schedule.

If you cannot make your appointment, please call 713-527-0220 x317 to cancel 24 hours before your scheduled audition time or you will be considered a "no show".


The design work will be on display at Saturday's lunch, and through the day on the first day of the auditions (Saturday, June 9) in the Stages Theatre Rehearsal Hall.

Each designer will have eighteen inches of space on a display table on which to display anything they feel shows their work off best.  Designers should know that there are typically between 35 and 45 theatres represented at these auditions.

Interested designers should contact JJ Johnston at for more detailed information.  This audition is free to all interested designers.

The Houston Theatre Alliance