March 14-15, 2020


$575 / $500 / $489 per Student

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Silver Horse Ranch

4045 Golden Eagle, Bryan, TX 77808




What to Bring Each Day

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  • Lunch

Layla Harris 209-230-0708


Holistic Horseworks Presents

Level 3 - Cranial Decompression Clinic
with Founder April Love 

Sat., Mar. 14 - Sun., Mar. 15
Bryan, Texas
United States

Cost is $575 / $500 / $489
(Completion of Level 1 & 2 is required)



The cranial bones on every horse we have seen in captivity have become compressed from past head trauma or a “pull-back” incident while tied.  This compression of the cranial bones, more on one side, will create horses that spook, shake their heads, or are hard to bridle. Since the horse’s TMJ cannot move properly to grind their food they will start to chew in an up-down movement creating the hooks and waves that need dental floating yearly, shortening the lifespan of their teeth, as well as the overdeveloped forehead muscles. Compression of the cranial bones can also initiate the development of Uveitis, IR and Cushing syndrome.

  • This program of the manual releasing and decompressing of the cranial bones is not taught anywhere else.
  • Relief of cranial compression will release the TMJ joint to work correctly thus allowing the horse to chew their food correctly, and you will notice less digestive disorders like mysterious Colic affecting the horse. The cranial imbalances cause bulging muscles on their forehead, uneven wear of their teeth which requires yearly dental floating, and digestion issues.
  • With only one 45 min session, the Occiput, Parietal, TMJ, and Lacrimal bones that are jammed down are lifted and released along with other amazing releases-as everything is attached! A pelvis will not hold it’s alignment until the Tmj is balanced.
  • Balancing the head saves $$ on equine dentistry that just shortens the life of the teeth anyway.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Required reading for this class:

The Heart of Listening: A Visionary Approach to Craniosacral Work, Vol. 1: Origins, Destination Points, Unfoldment CLICK TO BUY ON AMAZON


We offer 3 options-

 1. Total cost of $500 if paid in full with registration.  A $75 discount!

 2. Total cost of $575 with $350 Deposit at registration and the additional $225 which is due 30-days before the class.

3. HHW Club Members price $489, please contact us before registering for the code.

There is no special pricing for auditors.

PayPal & Debit / Credit cards accepted with online registration.

Terms and conditions: Balance of class fee is to be paid to the instructor no later than 30 days prior to the class start date. If you need to reschedule A two-week notice must be given so that we have time to fill your spot as pre studying is necessary for any students. No refunds are given on deposits as digital study materials have already been sent to you, you will have a future credit instead.